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BRCIC-Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College II

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Introduction to BRCIC

BRCIC is located in Licang District, Qingdao City. It occupies an area of 200 acres with an area of school building of 60,000 square meters. BRCIC has 5 programs and has obtained foundation training authorization from more than 600 prestigious universities in China, including the University of International Business and Economics, which is the NO.1 of overseas education.

Why Choose BRCIC?

Face to Face with Ambassadors

Based on the close connection between BRCIC and each embassies from more than 20 countries, our students can communicate with ambassadors face to face. Excellent Students will have the opportunities to be the assistant interns of the ambassadors. Besides, topical lectures by the ambassadors will be held in the ambassador-assistant-oriented foundation program each month.

Ambassador assistant oriented foundation programs


Our guest teachers include ambassadors to China, commercial counselors, college teachers and more. The following is part of guest teacher photos:

Contact us

whatsapp/tel.:+86 15318861816