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Everyday FAQ about Studying in China (5)

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What is the cost of studying china


Comparing to other countries in EuropeAmerica and Australia, the cost for studying is much cheaper.

In general,

Tuition fee: around 3000$ per year(check for exact fees)

Accommodation fee: 500$ per year (check for exact fees)

Living expenses:150-200$


The above info is only for reference and subject to actual personal consumption.

Which medical universities are still available for application?

Jinzhou  Medical University

Southern Medical University

Yangtze University

Gannan Medical University

Guilin Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University(Pharmacy)

Shenyang Medical College(Preferred Nationality,young age, SP students)

Please what are the requirements to study in china?

If you apply for undergraduateYou need to prepare firstpassport/high School Certificate/high School Results

If you apply for master's degreeYou need to prepare first:

passport / Bachelor degree certificate / Bachelor degree transcripts / two recommendation lettres / Personal Statement

What is the cost in USD of the most affordable university per month including food and accommodation?

According to my experience,

Tuition Fee:2500-5000USD/year

Accommodation Fee:600-1500USD/year

Living Expanse:150-300USD/year

MedicalCheck and Residence permit:200USD

In total for one  year  it will be 4000usd to 5000 usd 

I want to study in china but on scholarship so how you be of help to me?


First of all, you need to provide me with your application materials.

I will provide you with some scholarships based on your  courses and needs.