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My Experience with SICAS-By Emma

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My name is Emma, I am currently studying in China University of Petroleum majoring in Petroleum engineering. Now I would like to share my experience with SICAS with you, and hope this is useful  if you also want to study in China and fell puzzled now!


After I decided to study in China, I began to search for more information about Chinese Universities and majors on the internet. However, I found it is difficult to get enough information by myself for many Chinese universities didn't put enough course information on the website, some of Chinese universities even do not have English version website. In order to simplify the application process, I decided to choose a reliable online platform to help me to complete the application. then SICAS popped into my eyes.


When I told my exclusive SICAS advisor Lucy that I am interested in Petroleum engineering, she recommended China University of Petroleum and other two universities to me. She gave me very detailed information about the universities and majors and answered any of my questions patiently and professionally. Also, the application was so simple and fast, only four steps, I completed my application. It was about two weeks later, I received my admission notice.  At that time, I realized that my Chinese dream came true.


Now, I have studied in China University of Petroleum for more than one year, I love my life in China so much. When some of my relatives and friends asked me matters about the Chinese University application, I would recommended SICAS without hesitate, because I know SICAS is the best!


Jan.8, 2018

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