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Learning Chinese Can Be Easy and Fun!

Views:706 Time:1/24/2018 3:17:23 PM
Chinese is truly a global language with China’s increasing role in the world market. A command of Mandarin makes your CV stand out from the crowd. Also, learning a foreign language encourages you to think in a different perspective, which will broaden your mind and enables you to deal with people from diverse cultural backgrounds in the workplace.

It is true that learning Chinese can benefit you in a lot of ways. However, there doesn’t need to be a practical reason for your Mandarin Chinese learning because the process of learning Chinese is simply fun. Also, for those who are obsessed with Chinese culture, it gives you an insight into Chinese history, poetry, cuisines and customs.

However, despite the eagerness to learn Mandarin Chinese, many may argue that Chinese is too difficult to learn. In fact, learning Chinese is not that hard, it is the thought that hold you back. It’s never too late to start learning a new language. Making progress through day-by-day practice can actually bring you a sense of fulfillment.

The best way to learn Chinese is to study in China. It provides a great chance to practice Mandarin in your daily life with so many Chinese people around. Here are good ways for you to practice Mandarin while you are studying in China:

1.hang out with your Chinese friends

This is a great chance to practicing Chinese because you don’t have to worry about making mistakes. Even a simple conversation would help. Speaking with a native speaker would help you relieve your nervousness while you are speaking Chinese. Treat your friends a cup of tea or coffee and ask them to speak Chinese with you. Most Chinese young people are usually kindhearted and helpful. They will be very glad if they ask for their help. As you practice more, you could speak Chinese more naturally. Also, be confident with yourself. You can speak more than you think you could.

2.Listen to Chinese songs
Learning Chinese this way is really entertaining and relaxing. Also, it’s a good idea to go to a local Chinese karaoke bar with a bunch of friends. Don’ be shy. Don’t let your embarrassment stop you from enjoying such fun evening!

3. Eat at a Chinese restaurant
The menus there are all in Chinese and most patrons are Chinese folks too. You can get good a taste of authentic Chinese food as well as the atmosphere there. It makes you get involved in the life in China. Go there.

4.take on a trip around China
It’s really fun to Experience China for yourself. you get to learn more about Chinese culture by visiting different destinations and attractions. You can taste the authentic food there and enjoy the beautiful view. It’s a great chance to speak Chinese during the journey where you get to meet a lot of Chinese people and you can talk to them. Chinese TV series and movies
It’s really help to watch Chinese TV series and movies where you can hear Chinese being spoken. You will be exposed to correct pronunciations and tones, which helps you to speak Chinese in a more natural way. Also it’s really fun to learn Chinese while enjoying the story line!

Studying in China is the most effective way to acquire Mandarin Chinese and experience a real China. But if you can’t come to Chinese for personal reasons, it’s also a great way to learn Chinese through Chinese learning website--Lu’s Han, which caters for those who want to learn Mandarin with native Chinese speakers.

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