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Don't Worry! We'll Help You in China- SICAS One for One Package (After Arrival)

Views:871 Time:1/24/2018 3:15:40 PM
Dear students,

Congratulations your admission package is ready!

The next steps are
- Recieve your original admission package by DHL
- Apply for student visa in Chinese embassy
- Book ticket to China and register in university on time

Recently, many students are worry about their first arrival in China, Don't worry! SICAS One for One Package will smooth your first arrival!  It is an One-stop service to study in China, following services help with every step for you to settle down in the University.

All are available and Optional:
(Be sure to go through the detailed explanation of each service from )
1.       SICAS DHL Mailing Express Service   $85

2.       Visa Guarantee Service  $1500

3.       Pre-Departure Training       $100

4.       Dorm Arrangement Guarantee $175

5.       24 hours Safe Airport Pick Up Guarantee     $263

6.       Campus Registration Pass Guarantee    $175

7.       Medical Check Pass Guarantee  $175

8.       Chinese Resident Permit Guarantee $175

9.       Registration Postpone Guarantee   $200

Click here to have a look what will happen after your arrival ?

After arrival in China, students need to go to the university from airport,register in the university first,then do the medical check and get residence permit from the police station.You may meet troubles if you are alone, and without a native "hand",especially the language barrier and not familiar with the city.

Most of students who come first time will order the SICAS One for One Package (After Arrival ), help with airport pickup, book accommodation on campus, register in university, pass the medical check and get residence permit etc, please check some students who came with the one for one service package in 2015:

2015 SICAS Students Stories After Arriving in China : 

Please make sure fill the form in the attachment and send to us earliest for the arrangement,thanks.