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2017 Spring Intake Bachelor Programs Are Available to Apply Now!

Views:991 Time:1/24/2018 3:47:34 PM
For students who have always been dreaming of studying in China, 2017 Spring intake programs are available to apply now!

Why we suggest you apply as early as possible?

  • “Early birds catches the worm”--Usually, university admission officer will review your documents according to your application order. Due to the limited seat, early application can greatly increase your possibility of obtaining the offer. The early the better.

  • Enough time to prepare application documents-- Some students may think there is still plenty of time to apply before the deadline, however, according to our experience, we recommend that you apply as early as possible so that the university have enough time to process your application. Moreover, this will leave you enough time to prepare the documents, especially when you have to go through a complicated procedures to get the documents required by your chosen university.

  • Enough time for SICAS admission team to ease your application process-- If you apply early, SICAS have more time to answer your questions and help you with issues that could occur during your application process.

  • Well prepared for a good start in university--early application enables you to make the full use of the time before you come to China. You can learn some Chinese to make your life easier in China. Moreover, you even enough time to have an internship or go on a journey before your university begins. Thus, early application will give you a good start to your future study and life in China.

  • SICAS gift package--you may have chance to  get SICAS gift package worth 500 USD if you apply early. Including:
          --SICAS Student Handbook
          --SICAS winter coat
          --SICAS Summer Camp bag
          --SICAS winter cup

The following is the popular programs and universities for 2017 spring intake:

2017 Spring Intake English Taught B.Sc. MBBS Programs                                              

2017 Spring Intake English Taught B.Sc. Engineering Programs                                     

2017 Spring Intake English Taught B.Sc.Management & Economics Programs                 

2017 Spring Intake English Taught Chinese Programs Now Open                                     

If you are interested in other programs, you can visit our website to find more information.

How to apply?

Click the link above or the Apply Now button, and select a course. This will bring you to the course page. Then Please click the "Apply Now" button on the course page and follow the instructions of the website.
Step 1:  Fill in the application form online
Step 2:  Upload documents or send it to us by email directly
Step 3:  Pay application fee

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us: