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2017 September Session Other English Taught Program

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                                                                               _________ For Master's Applicant




1. Public Science


University Program Tuition Fee
Shandong University (Jinan) Master of International Relation (in English) RMB 32000
University of International Business and Economics (Beijing) International Relations (Autumn Semester) RMB 58960
Central China Normal University (Wuhan) International Relations RMB 25700
Beijing Normal University (Beijing) Master's Program in Contemporary Development of China (in English) RMB 50000
History of the Chinese Communist Party RMB 25300
Fudan University (Shanghai) EMA in Chinese Politics and Diplomacy RMB 50000
Peking University (Beijing) Master Program in International Relations RMB 60000
Tsinghua University (Beijing) International Relations RMB 30000
Public Administration in International Development RMB 60000



2. Science of Law


University Program Tuition Fee
Harbin Institute of Technology (Harbin) International Law (In English) RMB 30000
Wuhan University (Wuhan) Master Program of International Law(LLM) RMB 32500
International Relations RMB 32500
University of International Business and Economics (Beijing) Law (Economic Law) (Fall Semester) RMB 53600
Law (International Law) (Fall semester) RMB 53600
Jilin University (Changchun) International Relations RMB 19000
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (Shanghai) LL.M RMB 70000
Xiamen University (Xiamen)  International Relations RMB 45000
International Law RMB 45000
Renmin University of China (Beijing) Master of Chinese Law RMB 28200
Tsinghua University (Beijing) Law Program (LL.M. Program) in Chinese Law RMB 14600



3. Education Science


University Program Tuition Fee
Central China Normal University (Wuhan) Education RMB 25700
Beijing Foreign Studies University (Beijing) East-West Relation RMB 70000
Dalian University of Technology (Dalian) Ideology Education RMB 23000
Beihang University (Beijing) Education Technology RMB 35000
Higher Education RMB 35000
Beijing Normal University (Beijing) MA in Comparative Education (in English) RMB 34000
Nanjing University of Science and Technology (Nanjing) Higher Education(in English) RMB 35000
Zhejiang University (Hangzhou) Comparative Education RMB 30800



4.Foreign Language and Literature


University Program Tuition Fee
Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Wuhan) English Language and Literature RMB 30000
Central China Normal University (Wuhan) Applied Linguistics RMB 25700
Linguistics RMB 25700
Translation Theory and Practice RMB 25700
Beijing Foreign Studies University (Beijing) English and Intercultural Studies RMB 27150
Beihang University (Beijing) English Language and Literature RMB 35000
Shanghai International Studies University (Shanghai) MA Program in English Language and Literature(the intercultural communication[IC]) direction RMB 23000



5.Journalism and Communication


University Program Tuition Fee
Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Wuhan) Communication and Information Systems (in English) RMB 30000
Communication University of China (Beijing) Film and Television Production(in English ) RMB 35000
Fudan University (Shanghai) Double Masters Degree in Global Media and Communications RMB 80000
Tsinghua University (Beijing) Global Business Journalism RMB 30000



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