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Wuhan University Held Opening Ceremony for International Program

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Wuhan Univeristy held the opening ceremony for international students on September 29th, 2016. Its aim is to welcome the new students and help them get involved in university life. The honored guests include Cheng Zhen, Associate Dean of School of International Education, Zhang Yu Instructor and Du Li who is the assistant dean of Economics and Management School and Guo Lin coming from International Education Office.

The conference began with a warm welcome expressed by the host to all the overseas students. Afterwards, Chen Zhen, Zhang Yu and Du Li delivered a speech which expressed their greetings to these overseas students and the vision to build a better WHU in the future.

They showed the charm of Wuhan University by introducing its rich cultural and historical heritage. Also, they introduced the outstanding academic performance that Wuhan University had achieved in the past few decades. Meanwhile, they also encouraged these international students to learn more Chinese as the improvement of language skills would be an important asset opening new doors to Chinese culture.

The overseas student representative Nana made a speech introducing the colorful campus life he has led. He took an active part in the extracurricular activities ranging from AIESEC volunteer activity to the basketball game. Apart from this, he is also a hard working student who enjoys staying in the library.

He said that education wasn’t an isolated event. Being in WHU has helped him broaden his mind and do research outside of his little cocoon. He has been able to look at the bigger picture through working with people from all around the world and hearing different perspectives. He never regrets being a student in WHU.

At last, the host introduced the study plans for international students, including both the curriculum schedule and big events during the school years. This helped international students have a better understanding of what they need to do in the following years.

Through the communication with these international students after the ceremony, we found that they all felt that they had had a great experience in WHU. They said they have met many Chinese friends and gained a better understanding of Chinese culture. When asked about the future plans, some said they planned to find a job and settle down here. Others said they wanted to go back to their home country and be devoted to the development of their home country using what they had learned during the four years study.

International students is a special component of WHUers. Their coming has injected new energy into the campus and make WHU more inclusive and diversified. In order for them to be better integrated into this community, WHU tries and offers international students a support network helping them to get oriented.

WHU is not only a great platform that focuses on the self development of international students, it also a place where international students feel at home. WHU has always been dedicated to helping international students to realize their ambitions. Hope all of them have a bright future!

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