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2015 SICAS Students Stories After Arriving in China
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The admission of 2015 September Intake Programs in China Universities has closed, but the stories of 2015 SICAS students after arriving in China are still underway. To read or not to read is not a question. Why say so? Because you will "fall in love" with it the first sight you see the pictures.

Stories sorted by context:

---Airport Pick-up & Arrival in School

With SICAS “Plus Service Package”, SICAS staff will pick you up at any time, even at mid-night in China, and then send airport pick-up pictures immediately to your parents in your home-country via email or short messages on the very minute of your safe arrival in China. Most of time drivers are English speakers.

Beautiful Girl in Beautiful City

Cool Boy In Cool City

Lion & Lionel's First Night In Guangzhou

Joy and Warm Everywhere!

Group Indian Students To Study In China

Stancy & Shenyang , What Happened ?

Romesh, Welcome to China!

Valerie & Shenyang, Face to Face

Warmly Greet South African Students To Jinan

It Is Always A Pleasure To Greet A Friend From Afar

Enjoy in Jinan, Vongai?

How About Your First Chinese Meal, Abdullah?

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