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SICAS Friendly Reminder of Winter For Students

Views:653 Time:1/26/2018 10:28:58 AM

Dear students, please pay attention to the followings:

A. Fire Safety/ safe electricity operation in winter

1) The cold weather is on the way and the peak demand season of electricity is coming. For the sake of the security of all the students, we hope all the students pay more attention to the safe electricity operation in winter. We would like to emphasize again the following important points:

2) Before leaving your apartment you are supposed to shut off all water and electricity supply inside the room. In winter only air-conditioner is permitted to be used for you to warm yourself. All other kinds of heaters are forbidden to use. Cooking is also forbidden in your room and any kind of kitchen ware cannot be used in your room. High-power electric appliance is forbidden. 

For example, please don’t use coal stove, electric stove, LPG stove, spirit stove, electric cooker, induction cooker or other kinds of stoves, cookers or heaters in your apartment. The flammable, explosive and the virulent substances are prohibited in the dormitory and attention should be paid to the fire prevention.

3) If a fire was aroused by improper use of electricity operation, the host must be responsible for all the loss.

Unauthorized wires connection is strictly forbidden

B. Protect Public Property

1) The public property shouldn’t be damaged. Otherwise the damaged equipments should be compensated according to the settled regulation.

2) It is forbidden to damage, reassemble or change the dormitory’s equipments and the protection of the fire facilities is your responsibility.

3) Any activities against the laws and universities's regulations are prohibited.

4) Subleasing and transferring of the dormitory are forbidden. Visitors are not permitted to stay overnight in the dormitory.

C. Residence Permit

1) Please pay attention to the expiration date of your passport, visa, and residence permit visa. If such things happen, you will be fined heavily by the Exit and Entry Administration Office of Public Security Bureau because of the visa expiration. And you will be responsible for all the consequences.

Apply, change and extend the Residence Permit in accordance with regulations issued by the Administrative Department of the Entry and Exit of Aliens, Public Security Bureau 10 days in advance.

2) International students who live out must register at both local police station and International Students Affairs Office and be responsible for his/her safety.

D. Accommodation Management Requirements 

1). It is necessary to proclaim again that no guest is allowed to stay in the International Students Apartment beyond the time limit. And the housekeeper has the right to prohibit and correct actions against stipulations.

2). All students are kindly reminded to take good care of themselves, your belongings and safety. Do remember to lock your doors and windows when you are out in case of the thieves. Don’t leave keys to any other people. The person concerned has to be fully responsible for the stolen case if he does not take good care of his keys.

3). Please obey the traffic regulations. It is not permitted to ride a motorcycle or electrical bicycle in yellow plate. And please don’t ride electrical bicycle at a high speed in order to avoid accidents.

4). In case of any emergency you should call for help c/o 110 outside of the campus, or number on campus.

Wish you a pleasant study in China!