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SICAS Warmly Remind: Be Aware of Following Things

Views:517 Time:1/26/2018 4:06:26 PM

Dear student,

Winter is coming, so please take care of yourself. And please be aware of following things:

It is deception when stranger asks for account transfer and direct deposit. Please dial “110” immediately.

1) Ask for transferring accounts to “secured account” or open “online bank” under the name of Public Security Bureau, prosecutor’s office and court claiming that your ID card or bank card is suspected 
of being involved in drug trafficking, money laundering or illegally used by criminal gang.

2) Ask for consuming, overdrawing or updating your bank card, credit card, health insurance card or social security card under the name of bank, health care center and Social Security Administration.

3) Illegal exchange your ID card and bank card information under the name of telecommunication and water and electricity departments claiming that your telecommunication, broadband or charges for water and electricity is to be disabled.

4) Ask for remitting money for sick or traffic accident by means of call and QQ under the name of relatives and acquaintances. Please call the other side to confirm in person.

5) When online shopping is not cash on deliver or paid by the third-party payment platform.