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2015 September Intake English Taught Engineering Programs Now Open (For Master`s Applicant)

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City University Programs

Tuition Fee 

(RMB/ Year)

Zhenjiang Jiangsu University Software Engineering 24000 RMB
Computer Science and Technology 24000 RMB
Agricultural Engineering 24000 RMB
Vehicle Engineering 24000 RMB
Power Engineering & Engineering  24000 RMB
Traffic Engineering 24000 RMB
Electrical & Electronic Engineering 24000 RMB
Environmental Engineering 24000 RMB
Mechanical Engineering 24000 RMB
Food Science and Engineering  24000 RMB
System Engineering 24000 RMB
Automotive Engineering 24000 RMB
Hangzhou Zhejiang University Chemical Engineering 36800 RMB
Materials Science and Engineering 36800 RMB
Shanghai Shanghai Jiaotong University Chemical Engineering 31200 RMB

Harbin Institute of Technology

(Shenzhen Campus)

Civil Engineering 35000 RMB
Mechanical Engineering 35000 RMB
Materials Science and Engineering 35000 RMB

Information and Communication 


35000 RMB
Computer Science and Technology 35000 RMB
Engineering Mechanics 35000 RMB
Wuhan Wuhan University of Technology Mining Engineering 30000 RMB
Industrial Engineering 30000 RMB
Civil Engineering 30000 RMB

Shandong University of

 Science & Technology

Power Machinery and Engineering 23000 RMB
Geotechnical Engineering 23000 RMB
Chemical Engineering 23000 RMB
Control Theory & Control Engineering 23000 RMB
System Engineering 23000 RMB
Biochemical Engineering 23000 RMB
Geodesy & Surveying Engineering 23000 RMB

Huazhong University of Science

 and Technology

Computer Science and Technology 38000 RMB

Mechanical Manufacture and

 Automation (in English)

38000 RMB

Information and Communication


38000 RMB
Geotechnical Engineering 38000 RMB
Bridge and Tunnel Engineering 38000 RMB

Heating,Gas Supply,Ventilating and 

Air Conditioning Engineering

30000 RMB
Structural Engineering 38000 RMB
Construction Management 30000 RMB
Municipal Engineering 30000 RMB
Highway and Railway Engineering 38000 RMB
Biomedical Engineering 38000 RMB
Xi'an Northwestern Polytechnical University Mechanics 24000 RMB
Control Science and Egineering 24000 RMB
Beijing Beihang University Fluid Machinery and Engineering 35000 RMB
Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering 35000 RMB

Aerospace Propulsion Theory 

and Engineering

35000 RMB

Manufacture Engineering of

Aerospace Vehicle

35000 RMB
Structure Engineering 35000 RMB
Power Machinery and Engineering 35000 RMB
Changsha Central South University Software Engineering 25000 RMB
Qingdao China University of Petroleum Oil and Gas Developing Engineering 28000 RMB
Oil and Gas Drilling Engineering 28000 RMB
Safety Technology and Engineering 28000 RMB

Nanjing University of Science

 and Technology

Biomedical Engineering  36000 RMB
Mechatronic Engineering 36000 RMB

Aerospace Propulsion Theory 

and Engineering

36000 RMB
Environmental Engineering 36000 RMB
Materials Processing Engineering 36000 RMB

Weapon Systems and Utilization 


36000 RMB

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