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Fee Structure of ZJSU Has Been Adjusted

Views:621 Time:1/26/2018 2:36:13 PM

Here is to remind you that fee structure of Zhejiang Gongshang University has been adjusted. And this table is the accurate information after adjustment.

According to Admission Office of Zhejiang Gongshang University:

Economics, Administration, Law, Literature of Bachelor Degree adjusted from 15,000 RMB/year to 18,000 RMB/year

Engineering of Bachelor Degree adjusted from 20,000 RMB/year to 24,000 RMB/year

Economics, Administration, Law, Literature of Master Degree adjusted from 22,000 RMB/year to 25,000 RMB/year

Engineering of Master Degree adjusted from 25,000 RMB/year to 28,000 RMB/year

RMB yuan
All programs
To charge at the actual cost
Tuition Fee
Bachelor Degree Programs
Economics, Administration, Law, Literature: 18,000/Year
Science: 20,000/Year
Engineering: 24,000/Year
Art: 25,000/Year
Master Degree Programs
Economics, Administration, Law, Literature: 25,000/Year
Science, Engineering: 28,000/Year
Art: 30,000/Year
Doctor Degree Programs
Economics, Administration, Law, Literature: 30,000/Year
Science, Engineering: 33,000/Year
Art: 36,000/Year
Intensive Chinese Language Program Foundation Program
17,000/Year; 8,500/Semester
Chinese Language and Culture Program
Long-term:14,000/Year; 7,000/Semester
Business Chinese Program
8,000/Year; 9,000/Semester
Accommodation Fee
Single Room
Double Room

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