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Volunteer & Internship

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With Scholarship!!!

Dear Lovely Students,

I am writing you to consider joining me as an Intern Student with SICAS, an institution under Chinese’s Government & Ministry of Education (MOE) “Study in China” Project.

I have been an Intern Student with SICAS for the past Four Months.

SICAS needs Intern Students urgently and SICAS will offer payment to every Intern Student.

Who Is SICAS and What SICAS does? (

Study In China Admission System

Help International students to Study in China

--The Only Platform officially authorized by nearly 300 China's Top Uni. under Chinese Government & Ministry of Education (MOE)"Study In China" Project

--China Uni. Assure the priority to applications sent through SICAS and offer the fastest admissions to SICAS applicants.

--More than 30,000 courses are searchable on SICAS, which are officially updated by 300 universities through their "SICAS Uni. Staff Account".

What SICAS need her Intern Student to do?

--On-line Promoter:  Promote SICAS on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MSN, and so on.

--Special Assistant:  Daily Administration Work in office

--International Cooperation:  give Presentations in each University for International Students or to search and find our the partners who is willing to help students to study in china through SICAS

--Video Editor: make testimonies videos for intreseting life of international students

--Party Organizer:  Organize party for International students in the city with SICAS sponsor 

--Help International Students to Get Scholarship


Please click to find more details.
SICAS will pay 1500RMB to 10000RMB as the Internship Payment. 

--Would you like to get more involved and making some money at the same time?

--Are you looking for a way to connect with and help other students in your country get admission in china?

--Do you have valuable skills and perspectives that could benefit you build your resume?

--Do you want to apply for Scholarship?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, consider responding to the Call for Internship Students.
If you would like more information on Intern with SICAS, please contact me from the card attached to the letter.
My Intern Student experience has enlightened the positive aspect of my life. I hope you will consider checking it out.


Click here to start your application.


Contact us if you are interested in studying in China

Whatsapp: +86-15318861816 


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