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Comments from Students and Parents on SICAS Advisers (March 23th-28th, 2014)

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(Editor`s note: the following emails are picked out from what we have received from students and parents across the world from March 23th to 28th, 2014. ) 

I applied to Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronics. I was well aided by Lucia one of the SICAS Advisers. She was very helpful and gave step by step information when needed. The University has accepted me and i am currently waiting for them to send me the letter of admission so that i can accept it.

-- Kashif (from Rwanda)

Thank you! My SICAS Adviser is Yoyo. Her service is quite amazing, she goes an extra mile to even politely pushing me to apply quickly as i am always procrastinating. She's great. 

-- Emmanuel (from Italy)

Dear Jack

Thank you very much for your kindness over the past few months. It was a very difficult period and you and SICAS really made it much easier for us. My son did arrive Dalian Medical University safely without any problems. He has settled in nicely and he seems to be working hard.

When Matthew returns for a holiday he is going to actively promote your Organization amongst our Schools.

Warm regards

-- Mrs Wakefield ( from South Africa)

Thank you so much for the care and i really am impressed with the service you offer to students. I think Liaoning Shihua University is good for me and computer science is the course I like. I will complete my application later today and send all my information. 

-- Yusuf (from Canada)

The services are fine I am happy. Kelly is the one who has been helping me. I want to be a doctor so I  choose medicine from Shenyang Medical College which is a good school and is recognized world wide. 

-- Sadaf (from India)

All is well and my adviser is actually doing an excellent job.

--Tafara (from Vietnam)

My SICAS Advisor helped me a lot regarding everything she guided me so well till now.

--Rhoda (from Kenya)


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