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Meeting Between Chairman of China and Djibouti Cultural Exchange Association and CEO of SICAS

It was a successful official meeting between Ibrahim Abdourahman, the Chairman of China and  Djibouti  Cultural Exchange Association and Ms. Zhanglu, the CEO of SICAS  on October 31,  2013 about helping  Djibouti students study in China.  Actually, SICAS  have already helped thousands of international students from different countriesget admissions to study in China in the past 9 years.

Meeting between the Chairman of China and  Djibouti  Cultural Exchange Association and Ms. Zhanglu, the CEO of SICAS

In the meeting, both sides reached the goal of helping approximately 1000 Djibouti students per year to study in China. The following are the two main reasons which both sides strongly recommended for Djibouti students to study in China through SICAS due to the following two main resons. 

1. SICAS is authorized by more than 300 Chinese Universities, covering 30,000 courses with a professional and advanced searching engine and scientific classifications for both undergraduateand postgraduate applicants, so that SICAS can satisfy the various needs of 1000 or even more. 

2. SICAS –Study In China Admission System is a professional, efficient, accurate and safe authorized online platform to help international students directly get admissions into Chinese universities and colleges. All the Djibouti  parents, as well as students themselves can use SICAS to follow up and apply on line at the same time. Meanwhile, the Chinese University’s Staff regularly check the application documents in their Uni SICAS Account, and issue the Admission on line at the same time.

The CEO of SICAS reached  cooperative plan with the Chairman of China and  Djibouti  Cultural Exchange Association 

The Cooperative Plan to help 1000  Djibouti Students Per Year to Study in China

Since SICAS Corporation is considered as a professional partner in the higher education sector locally and internationally, it has the honor to present the following two-package tailor-made cooperative plan for Djibouti students and all the international students:

Package 1: For  Djibouti students who are already in China:

1. SICAS will offer free University Migration Service for the students who are not satisfied with their current situation.

2. SICAS will offer Professional Presentations in the Embassy to help the Djibouti students in China to have accurate information about how to be enrolled by top universities in China, how to get scholarship in China,and even how to transfer from one university to another in China and soon.
3. SICAS will be responsible to submit the electronic transcript/term on time of each student to   Djibouti Culture Mission.
4. SICAS will help the citizens of  Djibouti doing business in China to study in China and solve all resident permit problems for them as well as for their accompanying family members.
5. 10000 pieces of SICAS Study In China Handbook will be given as a gift for  Djibouti educators and students in China

Package 2: The prospective Djibouti students:

The following 5 aspects are suitable to those students who are willing to come to China to pursue their higher study.  SICAS willsend representatives to the schools to offer the following service package for a Non-profitable purpose:

1. Give presentation in each school on how to get Admission from the best universities in China, and reply all student's questions about studying in China.
2. Provide the students a free SICAS Account on the spot and help them to apply for at most 6 courses of China’s leading universities. 
3. Guarantee at least one Admission Letter for each student. 
4. Solve all kinds of difficulties after  Djibouti students come to China, including renting apartment, getting visa, theirs and their family member's resident permit, university transfer, looking after them during their years of stay in China.

5. Provide free service to the earliest 10  Djibouti students studying in China


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