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SICAS Service Team Members Accompanied Indian Students to Apply for Debit Card

On the afternoon of October 22th, 2013, SICAS Service Team Members Alice and Shirley accompanied the 28 Indian Students starting from Weifang Medical University  to the Bank of China to apply for a debit card. 

In the process of application, some problems occured due to the language communication barrier. Alice and Shirley guided them finish the application form one by one and worked as interpreter.

In the end, all the 28 Indian Students successfully get their credit cards. 

Now, let`s follow them and experience  how to apply for a debit card in China.

Step 1: Fill a  form of your personal information

Step2: Wait for the bank to call your bank queuing bank

Step 3: Pass the form to the bank teller

Step 4: Get your debit card  


Step 1: Fill a form of your personal information

Before you fill the form, you have to make  the follow things clear:
1) Your cell phone number or the telephone number of your dorm or the hotel
2) The address of your living place or name of your university. 
3) Your passport and the copy. Make sure the name you write on the form is as same as the name in your passport.

Debnath Setu and Debnath Ritu are filling the form 

Alam Mohammand Rizwan(up) and Vaghela Jaiminsinh Narendrasinh finished the form

Step 2: Wait for the bank to call your bank queuing  number 

When you enter to the bank, the staff will guide you  to print a paper with bank Queuing number from a machine. 

The paper will tell you how many people are waiting befor you. When the bank teller call the number on your paper, its your turn.  

They were waiting for the bank to call their bank queuing number

Step 3: Pass the form  to the bank teller

When its your turn, you pass the form and your passport to the bank and tell him or her you want to apply for a credit card.

You can change USD into RMB or  open a online bank at the same time.

Pass the form to the bank teller and waiting for their verification 

Step 4: Get your debit card 

Debnath Ritu successfully opened a debit card and online bank 

Roshan, Dutta and Rafik  successfully opened a debit card

Thiba Riya Asifbhai successfully opened a debit card and online bank 

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