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Gratitude from Real Communication

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From:  "ceo"
Date:  Tue, Sep 24, 2013 01:49 AM
To:  "Sohel"
Subject: Student Care from CEO of SICAS -----------Study In China AdmissionSystem (

Dear student,

How are you?
Hope you are doing well.

This is Ms. Zhanglu, CEO of SICAS-----------Study In China Admission System (
Thanks for your choosing SICAS to help you study in China!
As CEO of SICAS, the most important issue that I care is about the service quality offered to u from our staff.

In order to offer you a guaranteed Admision and Service. Kindly let me know the following issue:
1st, Have you made your decision on which subject and which university to study in China with the help of your SICAS Advisor? What's his /her name?
2nd,Have you complete online Application procedure Step 1,2, 3 on SICAS so to submit your Application Documents directly into your beloved university directly?

Kindly let me know,if any problem is still there.I will definately try my best to help you within the defined capabilities.

Best Regards

Pls be sure to add my Viber,Whatsapp,Weixin, Skype,QQ,Facebook,Tango and email as following to keep in touch.

Yours Sincerely

Ms Zhanglu (Lulu)
--Phd in International Economics Law
--C.E.O at SICAS(

From:  "Sohel"
Date:  Tue, Sep 24, 2013 07:33 PM
To:  "ceo"
Subject:  Re: Student Care from CEO of SICAS -----------Study In China AdmissionSystem (

thank you for your reply, i am trying to get admission in Shenzhen Unversity, but i cannot contact or do live chat with someone who can help me by providing some information. First i decided to get admission Kunming University, then i tried to fillup the applicaction system, but i found it very difficult because there was some question which i wasnt able to answer for that, like example u guys ask for a person for contact in china, which ididnt find very friendly and supportive, because as a international Student i might not have any friends or relative in china, that doesnt mean i cant study in china. Anyway then i tried XXXXX, and applied for a course, the application was simple and easy, i actually liked it.anyway they cant provide me the i have applied, so i decided to study in Shenzhen university in Guangdong to lean Chinese. So now me and my wife, we both are going to apply for Admission in Shenzhen Unversity as soon as possible, if its possible we can start from next months. we want to do a short time course. If you can help us to get admission and visa, i will love to get your service, and i am ready to pay.
And one thing i am very happy that u offered me co-operation, if u can provide this kind of customer service Sicas can grow so quickly.U deserve to be the CEO of SICAS.

Good luck to you.
Peace be to you,
Md Sohel Rana.


From:  "ceo"
Date:  Wed, Sep 25, 2013 10:25 AM
To:  "Sohel"
Cc:  "SICAS"
Subject:  Re: Student Care from CEO of SICAS -----------Study In China AdmissionSystem (
 Dear student,

Who is your SICAS Advisor? Mr. Jack? Miss Lily? Mr. Troy? Or other people.....

If you are already with one of them, pls pls re-contact them,

You are also welcomed to cc to me each of your emails, so that I ll make sure that everything goes well for u.

Dear Miss.Yoyo,
Pls help this students to get admission into the proper universities , and pls help him to come to China asap.




Dear Sir ,


This is Yoyo from SICAS ------ Study in China Admission System. I m one of the Senior Advisors of SICAS.

Ms.Lulu (+8618663920002) forwarded your application to me and arranged me to take care of your application, and I ll make sure that you'll enjoy the most efficient, accurate and safe support from SICAS to assure u to be enrolled into the most suitable China's Uni. in the shortest time. So start from now on , you can contact with me directly via email and all the other IM online tools which I wrote u here in the bottom of this email .You are also welcomed to cc. your email to Ms. Lulu every time. 

Ms Zhanglu has confirmed with me about your following inquiries and situations:
1. You and your wife want to reach China study Chinese language  for a short time course. and for the best ,is Shenzhen university in Guangdong .
2. You are willing to start from next months.

I'm sorry to inform you that Shenzhen University 's Chinese course will start in next year , it's too late for you to apply for it now .
Here is my suggestion:
1. Start to apply through SICAS today immediately  for University of Jinan, Short-Term Chinese Language, the course descritption are here

- SICAS will get you Admission Letter in 3 workindays, and JW202 in 7 to 10 working days, and you ll  be on the campus in October .
- Jinan , captial city of Shandong Province ---origin of confucious culture ,the core origin of Chinese Language ,  Confirm it fromhere

2. Pls forget about Shenzhen ,coz , they have closed for all the application  . And even we start now ,  you can only get your Admission and JW202 in the end of October, which is really too late for u. And then, you ll be in China even in Nov.

Kindly email me your scaned copy of the following documents , so that I can start to process your Application .

1. Photocopy of valid passport

With photo, passport number &expiration date and name included.

2. Passport-sized photo
A passport-sized photo taken recently of the applicant.

Pls let me know if you have any questions about the application .

Best Regards!


Study in China Admission System--SICAS (

Your Future, We Care . . .

From:  "Sohel rana"
Date:  Thu, Sep 26, 2013 05:27 AM
To:  "SICAS"
Subject:  Re: Student Care from CEO of SICAS - Study Chinese Language
All praise due to GOD, who created all that exists.
Thank you so much for you beautiful replay, specially the boss of the company, really the CEO of the company took my case seriously and solved like a quick magic. As an international student I am so happy to get service from you guys.

I really respect your suggestion, and I am pretty sure, as a caring senior student advisor you have suggested us the best option.
In shenzhen and Guangzhou I have couple of friends, I thought it would be nice if I study nearby them, so that sometimes I can meet with them, as you told me I don't have any option for shenzhen, just wondering that if you have any suggestion for universities in Guangzhou or nearby Guangzhou city, study period upto one year is OK with us, because me and my wife will study together. If you have any suggestion please let me know, so that we can choose between your options.

I want to apply today, although I already applied via XXXXX,I think I will leave that.I am so happy about your service.
Really you care students future

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