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SICAS Cooperates with HSK Center at Shandong University

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In May, 2009, SICAS–Study In China Admission System, as an efficient, accurate and safe authorized online platform to help International students directly get admissions into China universities and colleges, established strategically cooperative relations with the HSK Center (the Center of Chinese Proficiency Test) of Shandong University

The logo of HSK

The Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) is a national standardized test to assess the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers (including foreigners, overseas Chinese and students of Chinese national minorities). Currently HSK is a comprehensive test system catering to various levels of the Chinese learners, including HSK Basic, HSK Elementary-Intermediate and HSK Advanced. By December 2005, HSK has been taken by about a million examinees from more than 120 countries (including students of ethnic minorities in China).

International students are attending the HSK at the HSK Center of SDU.

Since established, the HSK Center of Shandong University has been more than a developer, designer and implementer of HSK, but an institution that combines “examination, academics and research”. The HSK Center of SDU has kept the leading record for six years in HSK among 3000 Chinese universities.

SICAS students with SICAS staff members after attending the HSK at the HSK Center of SDU

What's worth noting is that SICAS students have attended the HSK held in the HSK Center of SDU and achieved excellent results.

Jacob Bryan, a student of SDU learning in the non-degree long-term Chinese training program
"I passed the HSK Elementary-Intermediate Exam! My life has been changed after applying for studying in China through SICAS! A HSK certificate will make me more competitive in job hunting in foreign companies in China," Jacob Bryan said. He is now a student of SDU, learning in the non-degree long-term Chinese training program.

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