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SICAS Thanksgiving Day -- Having a Thankful Heart
Views:976 Time:1/26/2018 1:49:03 PM

Time flies! Another Thanksgiving Day! Also one-year anniversary of Online of EduChinaLINK! We have acquired support and thanks from a lot of International students for we successfully helped them study in China.

So let's see what our staff members thank for the last year and what they wish for the next year.

Ms Lu Zhang---Founder and CEO of EduChinaLINK

I'm so gratified for what EduChinaLINK has achieved over the past year, and I'm also thankful for all the people who have made contributions to EduChinaLINK. I hope in the following years, EduChinaLINK could help more and more International students realize their dreams of studying in China.

Fanny Liu--Student Service Team

I have a number of people to thank to--my dad, my mum, my grandparents, my sister……and my boss--because she's the one who pays me salary, haha!

Leo Song--Technology Service Team

As a member of EduChinaLINK, I'm so happy that I can do my part to International students. And I will keep on working hard for the beautiful future of EduChinaLINK.

Ms. Wendy Liu--Chief Sales Officer (C.S.O), Student Service Team

I want to thank EduChinaLINK for giving me such a wonderful chance, not only a meaningful job but also excellent colleagues. And in the next year, I will work harder and harder to reward all of this.

Stella Liu--Chief Writer Officer (C.W.O), Network Editorial Team

Thanks for the help of SICAS colleagues!

Nick Wang--Vice Director, Student Service Team

Thank for all SICAS members for being there to share the ups and downs of the year.