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Location and Attractions

Linfen is a provincial town in the southwest of Shanxi province and it located at the midstream of the vast and muddy Yellow River. The city has its name for it’s also lies at the lower reaches of the Linfen River, second longest branch of Yellow River. With the abundance of mineral resources, Linfen has gradually expanded its industry which is most notably in the power and steel production field.

Because of its special location, Linfen had always been a military strategic spot which was scrambled by various regimes in ancient time. It is said that the legendary Emperor Yao established his illustrious empire in this region 6000 years ago. Many other famed battles in Chinese history is said to be taken place in Linfen either. The Yao Temple is a must-go site in Linfen.

Another famous attraction in Linfen is the impressive Hukou Falls which lies around 150km to its west. It is the biggest falls in yellow color of the world。


The best time to visit Linfen is usually between April and early October because the climate shows a continental feature which means long, cold, dry winters and short, hot, rainy summers. Sometime during the dry seasons, there is a chance that sand storms might sweep through this area.


The most famous university in Linfen is the Shanxi Normal University which has strength in programs like music, chemical, and opera etc.