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Wish SICAS All the Best! —— By Johnathan(Ghana)

Views:767 Time:1/25/2018 5:11:40 PM

I am currently studying in Shandong University of Science  and Technology , majoring in mechanical engineering.

My friend Armoumen and I both wanted to study in China and we planned to apply through agents. After three-day searching on the internet, we found it exhausting to sort out the information of universities and courses. Moreover, the fees were too much for us to afford because we don’t want add more expenses.

We almost abandoned the plan to go to China when SICAS popped into our eyes. Its website is clear-cut and user-friendly. We registered and submitted our application and made payment too. Armoumen would not believe it until we both received the admission notice in our email. SICAS’ tracking system was well-designed too. I applied four universities and got accepted by three, which was good news. I chose mechanical engineering in Shandong University of Science and Technology while Armoumen chose Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, he said he liked Shanghai better than Qingdao.

I would like to say that SICAS is very honest and responsible. When we consulted about how to choose universities, they gave us useful help and advice. On SICAS, we also compared universities with the same major. SICAS realized the one-stop application and admission service and its costs are the best-valued compared to other organization with the same nature. (Some agents may charge very little, but we found they were just fooling us.)

SICAS has a reliable team and any enquires could be answered within one or two days. The airport pick-up and on-line accommodation booking are good services too.

If you asked about what is the disadvantage of SICAS, I would like to say that SICAS needs to update the latest information about accommodation fees and tuition fees. The difference was very tiny but if you could update them, it would be better.

Also, we would like to receive service like job opportunities, internship. We hope you will include these services in the near future. I’ve heard you offered these already and I WANT you to make it more noticeable, listing the job opportunity details.  

Thank you and wish you all the best! 

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