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Geography and Climate

Changchun is the capital of Jilin province; with a history of 200 year, it is a relatively new city comparing other historical cities in China. Though began as a small trading outpost, today’s Changchun has developed into an important transportation hub and the second city in China’s northeast. Located in the central part of Songliao Plain, the city borders Songjiang to its northwest and Jilin City to its southeast. The city area of Changchun covers around 20,604 square kilometers with a population of more than 10 million. Because of its location closing to Korean, the city has a definite Korean cultural element with Koreans forming the second largest ethnic group in Changchun, after the Han people.

Changchun has a monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons and rather pleasant climate. The annual average temperature is 4.8 centi-degrees and the even precipitation accounts for 522-615 mm. Changchun is also known for its abundance of green plants, 78% of city ground has been clothed with green creatures what makes the city a big oxygen bar. Together with the pleasant climate, Changchun is honored Spring City of Northland.


After swift growth, Changchun has become the provincial center of politic, economy and culture. It is the largest manufacturing base of automobiles in China and is known as the ‘Oriental Detroit’. The first entirely self-made truck branded with Jiefang was produced in the city in 1956 which opened a new age for Chinese auto industry. Besides auto industry, other major industries in Changchun include electronics, machinery and food processing. The city is also known as the ‘City of Films’ and the Changchun Film Studio was the first one after the establishment of People’s Republic of China. It is praised as the cradle of Chinese film industry and numerous excellent domestic films were produced in the studio.

According to the figures presented by the bureau of statistics, in 2009, the city GDP accounted for 291.9 billion RMB, increased by 15% comparing to that of 2008. More than 50 of world top 500 companies have established subsidiaries in Changchun while more and more multinational find the attraction of investment in the city.


Although there are not much historical heritages in Changchun, it is undeniable that Changchun is also a good travel destination. For the city is renowned for its spectacular natural sceneries, many tourists will linger in the urban district which is clothed with various green plants. One of the most famous tourist spots is the Jingyuetan National Forest Park which is honored the largest manmade forest in Asia. There are a number of local products that are unique and representative of Jilin can be bought in Changchun, among the most interesting are the examples of woodcarving. Besides, the Changchun Movie City will provide you another different kind of enjoyment.

As the fast development of tourist industry, the bureau has facilities the city with numerous star-rated hotels. Nowadays Changchun is more a destination for tourist from all around the world.


As the center of education and scientific research, Changchun has many famous universities. Jilin University, Northeast Normal University, and Changchun University are all reputed educational institutes which are among the national 211 and 985 series. There are many famous vocational schools in Changchun too.