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Study In Chengdu

Geography and Climate

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan province, southwest China. Located in the fertile Chengdu plain, the city is also known as the capital of the ‘Heavenly State’. It is the political, economic and cultural center as well as the transportation and communication hubs in Southwestern China. Because of its location at the western edge of the Sichuan Basin, Chengdu is sheltered by the Qinling Mountains from the strong cold winds coming down from Siberia in winter, and therefore has a humid and mild subtropical climate with very short winter time. It has four distinct seasons with annual average temperature accounts for 16.2 centi-degrees and the even precipitation is around 920 mm. In the latest appraisal published in China Daily, Chengdu was selected as one of China’s most livable city and as one of the top ten cities to invest in.

Culture and Tourism

The history of Chengdu can be traced back 2,400 years when the first emperor of Shu State built his capital here and named the city. Through thousands of years its original name has been kept and its position as the center of politics, economy and military of Sichuan has remained unchanged. The city is rich in culture and history, it was the place where bronze culture originated and it was the place where the Southern Silk Road started, and the place where the earliest paper currency was first printed. The city is listed among the first 24 state-approved historical and cultural cities and owns 23 state and provincial cultural relic units.
The people from Chengdu is famous for their relaxed lifestyle, and an article published in Los Angeles Times once called Chengdu ‘China’s party city ’ for its carefree lifestyle. Local people tend to eat spicy food, among which the most renowned specialties include Grandma Chen’s Tofu and Chengdu Hot Pot etc.

Some of the most populous places of interest in Chengdu include the Thached Cottage of Du Fu, the famous poet in Tang dynasty, Wuhou Memorial Temple and Wenshu Monastery, etc. Besides historical sites, natural beauty abounds in suburb areas such as in the Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area and Qingcheng Mountain are also some favorite tourist spots. 


The contemporary Chengdu has developed into a multiple-producing industrial base in south-western China. Its main industries include medicine, machinery, information technology and food industry with the GDP in 2010 accounted for 550 billion RMB. At present, the National Development and Reform Commission has formally approved Chengdu’s proposed establishment of a national bio-industry base here.


Chengdu is one of the few cities in China which are abounding in educational resources and it is a central city of scientific research and study in the region. Sichuan University is the most famous institute in the city. It is a comprehensive university which offers a wide range of traditional and specialized subject interests.