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MBBS in China

Other English-medium Medical Courses in China

Traditional Chinese Medicine

It is true that increasing international students come to study MBBS in China. However, besides MBBS, China’s medical universities also offer high-quality English-taught medical courses covering various medical specializations, especially Stomatology (BDS), Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), Nursing (BSN) and so on. Thus, international students have more options besides MBBS and they can also take other English taught medical courses according to personal interest.

To study English-taught BDS in China is a very hot among international medical students. In many countries, the dentist is a very popular profession with very high social status and salaries. The English- medium BDS program in China lasts for five years including 1 to 1.5 year compulsory internship which can be done either in the university’s affiliated hospitals or in hospitals in your home country as well as in other countries.

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TCM is also one of the most popular English-medium medical courses besides MBBS. As the Chinese quintessence, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has developed for 2,000 to 3,000 years which covers a broad range of traditional medicine practices spreading throughout Asia, including herbal medicine, acupuncture and Moxibustion, massage therapy and herbal therapy. These practices are a common part of medical care throughout Ease Asia, accounting for roughly 75% of worldwide use. TCM advocates the balance of various functions of the body from a holistic perspective, which is based in Daoist principles of yingyang and other metaphysical belief systems. Compared with western medicine, TCM has formed a unique system to diagnose and cure illness. Nowadays, TCM have adapted itself to the new era by making use of new technologies and learning from western medicine. Studying TCM in China will bring you a new way of thinking as well as medical knowledge and practices.

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Nursing is also a good choice for international students who would like to devote themselves to the noble healthcare profession. The standard school system is 5 years,and a flexible educational system is being carried out, allowing students to graduate in advance or delay within 2 years. The main subjects include basic medicine, nursing, psychology. Also, many other major courses are studied, such as anatomy、physiology、pathology、pharmacology、nursing psychology、medical ethics、nursing theory、fundamental nursing、medical nursing、surgical nursing、gynecological nursing、pediatric nursing、emergency nursing、psychiatric nursing、preventive medicine、nursing management、health assessment, etc.

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