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MBBS in China

- Saudi Arabian Students
Recogized by WHO and Approved by China MOE; listed by SCHS (Saudi Commission for Health Specialties)

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Chinese Universities Recommended by Saudi Ministry of Higher Education to apply for Saudi Government Scholarship

SICAS marked Popupar Medical Universities in the following Saudi List for Saudi students, you can click the red ones directly to apply online.

China University of Petroleum (MoE)    
Sun Yat-sen University (MoE)*(E)    
Anhui University *(E)      
Beihang University    
Beijing Foreign Studies University(MoE)*(E)      
Beijing Forestry University (MoE)      
Beijing Institute of Management      
Beijing Institute of Technology      
Beijing Language and Culture University    
Beijing Medical University      
Beijing Sport University*(E)      
Beijing Union Medical College    
Beijing University of Chemical Technology (MoE)*(E)      
Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (MoE)* (E)      
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (MoE) *(E)    
Beijing University of Technology * (E)    
Central Academy of Drama (MoE) *(E)      
Central Academy of Arts (MoE)* (E)      
Central China Normal University      
Central South University (of Technology)    
Central South University of Finance and Economics (MoE)    
Central University for Nationalities      
Central University of Finance and Economics    
Chang'an University    
China Agricultural University    
China Conservatory of Music      
China Pharmaceutical University      
China University of Geosciences (MoE) *(E)      
China University of Mining and Technology (MoE      
China University of Political Science and Law (MoE)      
China University of Science and Technology      
Chinese Academy of Sciences / Beijing Institute of Management    
Chongqing University (MoE) *(E)      
Chu Hai College of Higher Education*(E)    
City University of Hong Kong*(E)      
Communication University of China formerly      
Dalian Maritime University *(E)      
Dalian University of Technology (MoE)* (E)    
Donghua University (MoE)      
East China Normal University (MoE)* (E)  
East China University of Science and Technology    
Foreign Affairs College/Foreign Affairs University (MoFA)      
Fourth Military Medical University      
Fudan University (MoE) *(E)    
Fuzhou University (MoE)      
Harbin Engineering University (CSTIND      
Harbin Institute of Technology (CSTIND) *(E)    
Hebei Polytechnic University (MoE)  
Hebei Polytechnic University (MoE)    
Hebei University of Technology    
Hefei Polytechnic University    
Hehai University (MoE)  
Hehai University (MoE)      
Hohai University (MoE) *(E)    
Hong Kong Baptist University *(E)    
Hong Kong Shue Yan College      
Huazhong Agricultural University (MoE)    
Huazhong University of Science and Technology (MoE) *(E)      
Hunan Normal University    
Hunan University (MoE)  Hunan University (MoE)      
Inner Mongolia University         
Jiangnan University (MoE)    
Jilin University (MoE) *(E)      
Jilin University of Technology      
JiNan University        
Lanzhou University (MoE) *(E)      
Liaoning University *(E)      
Lingnan University *(E)      
Medical Center of Fudan University   
Nanchang University * (E)      
Nanjing Agricultural University (MoE)      
Nanjing Normal University      
Nanjing Normal University *(E)    
Nanjing University (MoE)  
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics      
Nanjing University of Science and Technology (CSTIND)      
Nankai University (MoE) *(E)  
National University of Defense Technology    
North east Agricultural University  
Northeast Agricultural  university
Northeast Forestry University (MoE)      
Northeast Normal University (MoE) *(E)    
Northeastern University (MoE)  
Northern Jiaotong University    
Northwest A&F University    
Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University      
Northwest University      
Northwest(western)Polytechnical University    
North-western Polytechnical University   
Ocean University of China (MoE) *(E)      
Peking Union Medical College (MoH)      
Peking University (MoE) *(E)      
People’s) Renmin University of China    
Second Military Medical University      
Shaanxi Normal University (MoE)      
Shandong University (MoE)* (E)      
Shandong University of Technology      
Shanghai International Studies University (MoE) *(E)      
Shanghai Jiao tong University (MoE) *(E)      
Shanghai Second Medical University *(E    
Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine  
Shanghai University * (E)      
Shanghai University of Finance & Economics (MoE)      
Sichuan Agricultural University      
Sichuan University      
Soochow University (MoE)      
South China Normal University (MoE)      
South China University of Technology (MoE) *(E)      
Southeast University (MoE) *(E)      
Southwest Jiaotong University (MoE)    
Southwest Normal University  
Southwest University of Finance and Economics (MoE) *(E)
Taiyuan University of Technology      
The Chinese University of Hong Kong*(E)      
The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts*(E)      
The Hong Kong Institute of Education*(E)      
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University *(E)      
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology*(E)      
The University of Hong Kong*(E)      
Tianjin Medical University *(E    
Tianjin University (MoE)  Tianjin University (MoE)      
Tongji University (MoE) *(E    
Tsinghua University      
University of Science and Technology for National Defence      
University of Electronic Science and Technology of china      
University of International Business and Economics (MoE      
University of International Relations (MoE      
University of Science and Technology of China      
University of Science and Technology, Beijing (MoE)      
West China Medical University    
West China University of Medical Science    
Wuhan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping      
Wuhan University (MoE) *(E)      
Wuhan University of Hydraulic and Electrical Engineering      
Wuhan University of Technology (MoE) *(E)      
Wuxi University of Light Industry      
Xi’an Highway Universi  
Xi’an Jiaotong University (MoE) *(E)      
Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology (MoE)      
Xiamen University (MoE) *(E)    
Xidian University      
Xinjiang Medical University      
Xinjiang University      
Yanbian University      
Yunnan University      
Zhejiang University (MoE)      
Zhengzhou University


FAQs for Saudi Arabian Students

---Are these degree recognized by SCHS (Saudi Commission for Health Specialties) or WHO (World Health Organization)?

All universities offering English medium MBBS program on this page of SICAS are recognized by MOE (China Ministry of Education) and WHO (World Health Organization). Students have the eligibility to take the National Examination Board Basic Qualification Examination when they back to Saudi Arabia.

---Can you guarantee that I am eligible to apply for the professional registration in SCHS after graduation?

SICAS guarantee that the graduates from these medical universities listed in red are eligible to apply for the professional registration in Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

---What should Saudi Arabian students do to get degree accreditation and professional registration?

1. Get diploma and degree certificate authentication from Saudi embassy or delegated representative in China;

2. Apply for the certificate equivalency on the website of the Ministry of Higher Education (General Department of Certificate Equivalency of Ministry of Higher Education Portal)

3. Apply for accreditation and professional registration in Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS)

4. The SCHS will do professional evaluation on the candidates to determine the academic level and professional classification

5. Take the Classification Examination.

---What are the requirements for Saudi Arabian Students to Study English-medium MBBS in China?

In general, Saudi Arabian students are admitted based on minimum with an educational background equal to high school graduation in China, or must have general secondary education certificate or equivalent. And typically they require good scores in science subjects (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology). Because the program is taught in English, applicants are required to have the English studying ability. Nevertheless, enrollment requirements are different according to each university. For more details check the information on accredited universities.