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MBBS in China

Modern Medical Education in China

Chinese western science-based medical education has developed since the nineteenth century. At present, there are around 150 medical schools in China. Due to China’s political system, all China’s medical universities are public and government funded and all of them find a place in the World Health Organization (WHO)’s “Directory of World Medical Schools”.  Among them, 49 accredited medical universities admit international students for English-medium MBBS program and others have the right to enroll overseas students in Chinese taught medical programs.

In China, doctors are regarded as a decent profession with high salaries which makes Medicine a very popular and competitive specialty for Chinese college-bound youth. Therefore, the admission for Chinese students into the medical institutions requires comparatively higher national entrance-examination scores than any other major in China. Furthermore, the examinees are required to have good physical conditions.

The duration of China’s medical education normally lasts for five to seven years and the academic year in China generally starts in August or September. There’re five-year medical program for bachelor’s degree and seven-year medical program for both a Bachelor and Master’s degree. Students of five-year program are expected to acquire the knowledge of the basic medical sciences and preventive medicine as well as possess certain clinical skills, while the seven-year program requires a close connection between studies in the medical basic sciences and clinical practice through three-year preclinical medicine education and 4-year clinical medicine education. After basic education, Chinese medical students should undertake internship, which is usually in the medical school’s affiliated hospital.

The library of Nanjing Medical University

The classroom in Shandong University of Science and Technology
Seeking to promote the development of first-class medical universities in China, Chinese government has made massive investment and taken steps to accelerate international cooperation and exchanges programs with universities in the UK,the US, Australia, Canada and other parts of Europe. Today, in order to cope with the rapid changing medical education and medical science in the 21st century and to meet the needs of the Chinese people, many reforms and innovations in curriculum and teaching model have been taken in China’s medical education. In addition to medical knowledge, medical students have to take integrated courses, small-group tutorials, and courses in humanities, ethics, society, the doctor-patient relationship, computer sciences etc. In addition, to control the medical education standard Chinese Education Ministry have set up a quality control regulation on medical education--Circular of the Ministry of Education On Interim Provisions for Quality Control Standards on Undergraduate Medical Education in English fo Undergraduate Medical Education in English for International Students in China. Through the drastic development of China’s medical education in recent years, Chinese medical universities are on par with those of the USA and UK due to their rich teaching resources, advanced teaching facilities and qualified teachers, which attracts more and more foreign students to study MBBS in China.