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MBBS in China

Popular Non-listed Universities

In March 2011, Ministry of Education of People's Republic of China (MOE) published the List of Institutions and Scale of Enrollment for Undergraduate Clinical Medicine Programs Taught in English for International Students, 2011/2012. The number of China’s medical universities accredited to open English-medium MBBS program for international students has increased to 49 compared with 34 in 2010, 28 in 2009, 25 in 2008.

With the rapid development of economy and increasing international exchanges in China, the academic level and teaching quality of all China’s medical universities are enhanced year by year with better and better faculty and educational resources. To get more internationalized, increasing medical universities in China are applying for the approval of the MOE to enroll overseas students in English taught MBBS programs. From the substantial increase in number of accredited medical universities and the greatly promoted medical education level of China’s medical universities, it can be predicted that there will be more and more potential accredited medical universities and one day even all the medical universities in China will be approved by MOE to be qualified to enroll international students in English- medium MBBS programs. This will provide more opportunities and better academic environment for international students to study MBBS in China.

As a matter of fact, all the medical universities on the list of the Regular Institutions of Higher Education in China are recognized by WHO in the “Directory of World Medical Schools”. All of them have the   qualification to offer Chinese-medium MBBS programs and also the right to recruit international students. Therefore, overseas students can choose to study either English taught MBBS in the listed medical universities or Chinese taught MBBS in the non-listed medical universities where the teaching qualities is also excellent while the tuition fees are relatively lower. It’s really a smart choice for international students to study Chinese-medium   MBBS program in the popular non-listed medical universities which will save you a lot of money and greatly improve your Chinese level. After all, Chinese is extremely important for international medical students to find a job in China or in companies doing business with China. Besides, some non- listed medical universities also open some related English-medium courses to Chinese students which international students can choose too. According to some Chinese experts in the field of study MBBS, some non-listed universities could be added into the list in the next year.