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The Silk Road Scholarship Program , is Available for Applying

Views:824 Time:7/7/2022 12:00:00 AM

Good news, SICAS Admission office just confirmed from several universities: Chinese Government Scholarship - (Type B) Program of The Silk Road Scholarship Program , is now available for applying.

Here SICAS collected some available programs for your reference.

 Master’s & Doctoral Program of Laboratory Medicine 

1.Teaching Language: English

2. Who can apply: graduates from MBBS/Pharmacy/Biomedical/Laboratory Medicine

3. Length of Schooling:Master’s Program & Doctoral Program: 3 years from Autumn semester. The length of schooling can be extended, but no more than 6 years.

4.Application deadline: July 14th, 2022

Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering

1. Teaching Language: Chinese 

2. HSK Request: HSK-3 or above, can start bachelor study directly.

For those who not have HSK will join 1 year Chinese language + 4 years bachelor degree

3. Application deadline: July 10th, 2022

The major aims to cultivate talents with firm foundation, broad vision, innovative spirit and professional qualities that can engage in research and development, clinical engineering, education or scientific research in enterprises, medical institutions, medical colleges or research institutes. The main courses include Higher Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Complex Function, Numerical Analysis, University Physics, Circuit Analysis, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Signal and System, Digital Signal Processing, Medical Sensors, Biomedical Signal Detection, Medical Electronic Instrument, Principle and Technology of CT, Principle and Technology of MRI, etc..

Bachelor of International Economics and Trade

1. Teaching Language:Chinese 

2. HSK Request: HSK 5 

3. Application deadline: July 8th, 202

How to Apply

Way 1:  Register on SICAS website directly ,you will get a SICAS advisor to guide you step by step 

Way2:  Contact us by wechat, whatsapp or telephone  : +86 153 18861816

Way3: Contact us by email:

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