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HUST| International Online Foundation Program | Pre-university 2022 Spring intake

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This foundation program has provided reliable preparatory courses for nearly 400 students from more than 20 countries around the world since its establishment in 2015. And more than 90% of students have successfully entered China's universities majoring in Medical, Pharmacy, Engineering, Economics, Management, etc.

According to the different majors chosen by each student, the foundation program is based on five A-level subjects, including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Economics. We add English, Chinese, and Sinology courses in addition to enriching the program. Students' English proficiency, core course fundamentals, and cross-cultural communication have been significantly improved through systematic training, so as to meet the requirements of undergraduate admissions in China.

An international online foundation program established for prospective students from various countries, which integrates the education background overseas, optimizes and upgrades the original preparatory course outline, and provides online courses on the mutual e-learning platform. The courses are affluent with flexible time and patterns so that students can enjoy high-profile educational resources without going abroad.

The structure of foundation course 


Basic Course

Basic socializing courses (week 1-4): 

English, Mathematics, Chinese;


Professional Courses

Professional courses (week 5 to 15) 

The following courses are added according to different majors;

Medicine MBBS:

Number of required courses: 3

Physics, Chemistry, Biology


Number of required courses: 2

Chemistry, Biology


Number of required courses: 2

Physics, Mathematics

Management and Economics:

Number of required courses: 2

Mathematics, Economics


Online Test

The platform is featured with online exam function, every course will be able to take the exam online.


Introduction of Courses


This course aims to provide students with opportunities of exploring abstract mathematical knowledge such as quantitative, structural, spatial, and transformation. The student could learn how to solve complex problems through logical reasoning and even put forward new mathematical theories. Math is extremely important in our lives and every other subject. We use mathematical concepts, as well as some skills we learn from dealing with math problems every day.


More than 10 sections in the mathematics syllabus of the curriculum system.

quadratic function, 


linear equation, 

circle measurement, 

trigonometric function, 


permutation and combination, 


data representation, 

statistical chart, 



discrete random variable, 

sampling and estimation, 

hypothesis test.


This course aims to develop student's abilities and skills in learning science and conducting scientific experiments. Chemistry is a core discipline connecting physics, mathematics, biology, medicine, and earth environmental science. Mastering chemicals can help us to know more about the substances and materials around us. Students can apply chemical knowledge to change our existing life, and at the same time, it can help us to move towards a future of sustainable development.


More than 10 sections in the mathematics syllabus of the curriculum system.

Atomic and molecular stoichiometry, 

atomic structure, 

chemical bond, 

state of matter, 

chemical thermodynamics, 

chemical equilibrium, 

reaction kinetics, 

periodic law of elements, 

second and seventh main group elements, nitrogen and sulfur, 

introduction to organic chemistry,

hydrocarbon halogenated hydrocarbon,

alkaldehyde ketone, 

aromatic compound, 

carboxylic acid and derivative, 

analysis technology.


This course aims to cultivate rigorous scientific attitudes, such as paying attention to the accuracy of data, being able to see things objectively, being creative and insightful, and arousing students' attention and interest in the environment.


About 10 sections in the physics syllabus of the curriculum system.

Mechanics and materials, 

wave and electricity, 

practical skills and physics I, 

advanced mechanics, 

fields, particles, 



vibration and philosophy of the universe,

practical skills and Physics II


This course aims to develop student's abilities and skills in learning science and conducting scientific experiments. It is a step-by-step process for students to understand that scientific learning and practice need cooperation. Related disciplines of Biology include biochemistry, biomedicine, environmental science, and biology.


About 16 sections in the biology syllabus of the curriculum system:

Biological molecules; 



DNA and protein synthesis DNA; 

The cell cycle; 

The immune system; 

Gas exchange; 

Digestion and absorption Mass Biology transport in animals ; 

Mass transport in plants; Genetic diversity;

Species and taxonomy ; 

Biodiversity within acommunity ; 

energy transfer; 

Nutrient cycles ; 



Through introducing the most basic knowledge of Chinese as well as the Chinese characters and oral communication training, this course enable learners to master common vocabulary, basic sentence patterns, basic strokes, stroke order and basic structure of Chinese characters in the initial stage; Basic Chinese communicative competence; Be able to use Chinese in daily life and study; Be able to write Chinese characters; Have a preliminary understanding of Chinese cultural knowledge related to Chinese communication; Master simple communication strategies, and have a preliminary intercultural consciousness.

About 16 sections in the Chinese syllabus of the curriculum system:


About 16 sections in the biology syllabus of the curriculum system:

Standard Chinese Conversation 360 Sentences (1)

8 topics, 20 communicative Learning points, 

18 language points, 

321 Frequently 一 used words

Standard Chinese Conversation 360 Sentences (2)

8 topics, 21 communicative Learning points, 

19 language points, 

283 Frequently-used words


This course aims to cultivate students the ability of analyzing the economic phenomena and economic issues in daily problem solving, on the ground of knowhow and theory.

Economics is a social science, which studies how individual society and institutions make the best choice under the background of resource shortage. Because it is also the fundamental knowledge of respective majors, economics has become one of the most popular courses. Economics is widely used in various fields of data science and social welfare, bio-chemistry, etc. This understanding will have enormous implications for particular relevance and significance for developing countries and developed economic.


1. Basic economic concept

resources and demand, production factors, the social division of labor, the emergence of currency, opportunity cost, production curve, economic system, the allocation of resources.

2. Price Mechanism

Emergence of market classification of market.

Demand and the demand curve, 

how Volume of demand with the price of a product or service.

The concept and application of consumption surplus.

3. International Trade

International trade is a useful feature of the global economy in the 21st century.

The principles of absolute and comparative advantage can be used to show the benefits of free trade.

4. Micro-economic measurement methods

Between different types of economic to some measure of macroeconomic variables.

Labor force, labor productivity, unemployed labor force.

5. Macroeconomics


international payments imbalances and exchange rate fluctuations.

6. Policies to correct the imbalance in income and expenditure

Government policy to correct international deficits or surpluses.

We sincerely hope that student who participating in the online foundation program can achieve your goal of studying in China, and admitted by one of the greatest University in China!