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Official Announcement from SICAS!

Views:987 Time:1/23/2020 11:45:40 AM

Official Announcement from SICAS!


Some unauthorized agencies or agents make fake admission letters and sell fake information of universities and tuition fee in the name of SICAS advisors.

1. SICAS only offers international students service of applying for universities. And each student can have one-for-one SICAS advisor.

2. SICAS advisors uses official E-mail address or, such as Or when you haven't had your SICAS advisor, you can send your question to

3. SICAS advisors uses work phone number 0532-58538888-8009, 0532-58538888-7008.

4. Any illegal act of misappropriating SICAS reputation shall have nothing to do with SICAS. Please be careful in case of any loss. If there is any loss, please contact the police station (110) immediately.

5. Any illegal act of misappropriating SICAS reputation shall be investigated and all the responsible person shall be investigated and prosecuted for criminal responsibility by the public security organ.



Aug.7, 2019