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How to Spend Your Summer Holiday?

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Trying to find a good way to spend your long summer holiday?

We have a wonderful offer for you !

How about taking a learning trip to China?

Well, China is a big country and there are so many cities. 

Where should you go? 

We recommend you a very beautiful seaside city-Qingdao!

One-Month Study trip in Qingdao, China

First Week

Top Chinese Universities

Visit some universities, Qingdao University, Ocean University of China and China University of Petroleum;

I. Walk around campus, library, dormitory and other places; enjoy campus scenery and experience campus culture; attend classes and communicate with international students

II. Attend the popular classes for international students covering following majors in Top universities: Chinese Martial Art and Chinese Culture Experience Class.

Second Week

Tourist Attractions

Visit some famous scenic spots in Qingdao;

Visit Qingdao International Academic Park;

Visit museums in Qingdao;

Climbe Mountain Lao.

Third Week

Chinese Culture

Study Chinese calligraphy;

Studyt Tai Chi;

Study Traditional Chinese Medicine;

Lectures about Chinese culture and festivals

Fourth Week

Modern Factories

Visit the factories of some well-known companies in China, including: Tsingdao Beer, Hisence and Haier.

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