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Scholarship of Binzhou Medical University-MBBS

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Scholarships are awarded to students annually (excluding graduating students), which include Shandong Provincial Government Scholarship, President Scholarship, Outstanding Student Scholarship and Individual Scholarship. 

i.Shandong Provincial Government Scholarship: 
1.Freshmen Scholarship:full scholarship, Class A scholarship, Class B scholarship and Class C scholarship. The full scholarship is 30,000 yuan per person; Class A scholarship is 20,000 yuan per person; Class B scholarship is 10,000 yuan per person; Class C scholarship is 5,000 yuan per person.

2.Excellent Student Scholarship:Excellent Student Scholarship is 5,000 yuan per person. 

ii. President Scholarship:

The sum of scholarship is the tuition fee of the next academic year.  

iii. Outstanding Student Scholarship: 
First degree scholarship:3% of the total number of international students。3000 yuan。
Second degree scholarship:5% of the total number of international students。2000 yuan。

Third degree scholarship:7% of the total number of international students。1000 yuan  

iv. Individual Scholarship:
300 yuan is used to award outstanding students in organizational management, sports activities, etc.
There are all five types of individual scholarships: organizational management, literature and art specialty, sports specialty, hygiene model and special contribution. The proportion of each selection does not exceed 3% of the total number of students abroad.