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Warmly Tips for 2018 Autumn Students Who Still Haven't Come

Views:525 Time:11/7/2018 7:04:32 PM

2018 Autumn intake new student registration have almost ended. SICAS congratulates all new students to settle into your new home, and we hope you a safe and sound academic career in China. 

For those who have delayed the campus registration and still haven't reached China yet, please bear in mind the following tips:

1. Check the latest campus registration date. If you cannot make it before the deadline, please ask for an extension letter from your university. And you should board the flight to China before the latest permitted time on the extension letter.

2. Please bring all the necessary documents like passport, admission letter, JW202 with you.

3. When going through the customs clearance, please answer the customs officer's questions honestly, and show your purpose of studying in China.

4. Customs clearance in Guangzhou will take longer times, we suggest students could choose other destinations like Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong.

Customs Clearance Procedures:

1. After you have gone through the passport checking point, please take all of your baggage including your registered luggage, and choose the right channel to pass through the Customs freely.

2. Please make sure the regulations regarding how to pass through the Customs before you choose the channel. The passengers shall take all the legal responsibilities resulted from choosing a wrong channel.

3. If you have anything to declare, please finish the declaration in a written format at the counter marked “GOODS TO DECLARE”. Declaration of any other form or in any other place shall be regarded as invalid.

4. Please show your valid entry and exit documents when you pass through the Customs inspection place.

5. If you have carried anything that is required to pay duty according to regulations of China, Customs shall request you to do so. Please keep the bill, and go to the Customs’ appointed bank to pay the duties.

6. Goods or articles, which have exceeded the limited quantity or which have not gone through the clearance formalities, shall be kept by the Customs temporarily, and you have to pay the storage fee accordingly.