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Sports Program of Liaocheng University

Views:646 Time:8/10/2018 7:32:31 PM

According to the spirit proposed by the Ministry of Education to further strengthen the construction of high-level sports teams in colleges and universities and to implement the strategic decision of " combining sports with education", the party and government leaders of Liaocheng University clearly pointed out at the beginning of the experimental foundation of high-level sports teams:

Sports is an important aspect of quality cultivation, and excellent sports results are also intangible assets, which can improve people's comprehensive quality; 

Sports can inspire spirit, inspire morale, strengthen the cohesion between teachers and students, promote the development of the school's overall work, enrich the campus cultural life, and promote the development of various activities in the school.

Sports is a window to publicize and show the school. the achievement of sports can reflect the comprehensive strength of the school and enhance the school's social reputation. 


The pilot of high-level sports teams is a strong driving force to improve our school's competitive sports level and push our school's sports work to a higher level.

At the same time, this work can promote the healthy and rapid development of the whole school's work in a point-by-point way. it is an important part of the school's construction and development and the overall promotion of quality education.    In        1995, Shandong province department of education approved Liaocheng normal university ( Liaocheng university ) to recruit high-level female soccer players and set up high-level female soccer foundation course class in the same year. 


The school has always attached great importance to the competition of high-level sports teams.

From the recruitment of high-level soccer players in 1995 to the replacement of high-level sports events in 2005,

Liaocheng university's soccer team participates in various competitions nationwide and in Shandong province every year, 

,not only testing training level, but also gradually improving the competitive ability.

From 2001 to 2003, our school's women's soccer team achieved outstanding results and gained certain influence within the whole country and the province. 

First of all, the school regularly organizes spring student track and field games, student basketball matches, student volleyball matches, student football matches, winter cross-country competitions, radio gymnastics competitions, and sports meeting queue performances within the school every year, and forms a system to be included in the school calendar.


Second, the school sports association and the club regularly organize friendly matches, competitions, sports performances and other activities throughout the school, further enriching students' extracurricular sports activities.


The sub-league committees of each college, together with the college sports associations and clubs, organized a large number of competitive, fitness, interesting and collective participating sports competitions and performances to enable more students to participate in the competition. various associations and clubs can further stimulate the enthusiasm of students to participate and greatly broaden the scope of students' participation by organizing comparable competition activities.