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Belt & Road Scholarship is now available for International Student

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Scholarship Description

In response to the Belt and Road strategy announced by the Chinese government, many universities in China have launched the Belt and Road Scholarship program. This program is designed to promote cooperation, inclusiveness, and mutual understanding and benefits between China and other B&R countries. These scholarships are open for international students to pursue both degree and non-degree program. International students who are interested in Chinese culture and sports, and in particular, those who are earnest in developing a better future between these countries, are welcomed to apply for this scholarship.

Scholarship Coverage and Criteria

Full scholarship: The scholarship covers registration fee, tuition fee, living allowance, accommodation allowance and comprehensive medical insurance premium.

Partial scholarship: The awardees will be granted with a certain amount of subsidy.

Degree Level

The scholarship is available for bachelor, master, PhD, non-degree program.


1. Non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport.

2. Citizenship of any country (other than the P.R. China) along “the Belt and the Road”.

3. In good health.

4. The applicants should have the fundamentals of English or Chinese language, and meet relevant language proficiency required by their majors.

5. Meet the requirements on education background and age.

6. Observe the law and regulations of China and all regulations of the university.

Application Procedure

1. Apply bachelor, master, PhD, Non-Degree Program of eligible universities through SICAS.

2. Excellent applicants will be recommended to universities as qualified scholarship candidates.

Application Materials

1. A photocopy of your passport

2. Graduation certificate and transcript.(in Chinese or English)

3. Two Recommendation letters (for master and doctor degree).

4. Certificate of English proficiency test.

5. A photocopy of your passport

6. Bank statement (normally the balance is enough for your first year tuition fee and accommodation fee)

7. Health report (within the validation period)

8. No Criminal Certificate (If necessary)

9. Personal Statement

Majors Available and Deadlines

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