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SICAS--A Thoughtful Friend You Can Always Trust

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Why us?

SICAS is the most trustful and considerate friend for anyone who wants to study in China and will always work hard for a brilliant future!

What we provide?

1. Arrange your study

    SICAS will help you to select and apply the most suitable course and university based on your transcript, language skill, personal interest and other specialty.

2.Pre-departure preparation

    SICAS will help you to book a dormitory, offer you online visa application training, and provide you online Pre-departure Training.

3. Airport Pick-up

    SICAS staff will pick up you on 24/7 hours services at any time, even in the mid-night in China.

4. Registration on Campus

    SICAS Student Service Team Member will bring you to the regarding offices one by one to do the Registration.

5. Police Registration & Resident Permit

    SICAS make sure that each student will be done with Police Registration within the time duration defined by the law and also get the legal Resident Permit to study in China every year during their study in China.

6. Medical Check in China

    SICAS will help you do it at the right time for the necessary items and avoid the unnecessary payment.

7. New Students Orientation Week

    You will be assisted in shopping, banking, booking tickets and hotel, linking with all professional Departments, finding religious venues, etc.

8. Long-term Parents-style Care

    SICAS offer to SICAS PLUS Service Package Students a four to six years 24 hours parents -style care for any urgent issue or accident of SICAS Students.

Note: All the services are under SICAS Plus Service Package.

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Contact us if you are interested in studying in China

Whatsapp: +86-15318861816 


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