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Grateful Letter to SICAS Advisor Demi

Views:585 Time:1/24/2018 2:06:01 PM

Editor's note: We hear from a student who expresses his gratitude to his SICAS advisor, Ms Demi. Demi guides his application step by step with great patience. Here is what he said in this grateful letter:

Hi! Ms Lulu - Chief Admission Officer, SICAS

Two weeks back I log on to SICAS website and registered for SICAS scholarship. Fortunately and surprisingly for me, Ms Demi SICAS Advisor replied me through my Email and sapp No. She asked me to submit my documents asap.

I must tell you that, I am well satisfied and please with her reception. I think she is up to her tasks and can executes her functions very well. I suggests SICAS should be retain her and consider her for promotion in the future.

I did my first degree at Njala University, almost 75% to 85% of the lectures/tutors obtained their PhD, Dr., & Masters degrees from China.

Our Director of  Institute of Geography & Development Studies, School of Environmental Sciences Njala university, obtained his Doctorate from China.

It will be my pleasure if you and your team can continue to facilities so I can gain admission to study in China this 2017.

My area of interest is Master in Agriculture

China is becoming the next super world power.

Best Regard