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A Large Gift Pack of Scholarship Is Coming! Congratulations to All of You, Dear Students!
Views:632 Time:1/26/2018 10:22:52 AM

Good News!

This week, Wenzhou University has offered several levels of scholarship for those applicants who major in different fields in Wenzhou University, varying from Civil Engineering, Software Engineering,  Mechanical Engineering, Business Administration, International Law, Chemistry, etc. Scholarship matters a lot for a student, which can not only lessen the relief to your families, but also give you a strong motivation to strive harder and harder. Congratulations to all of you! The followings are some admission letters of those excellent students who have been awarded the scholarship which ranges from first class, second class and third class.

In the meanwhile, the competition for scholarship seats are now becoming more and more vehement. For those ambitious students who want to study in 2016 autumn, the scholarship opportunities are extremely valuable and precious! Still indecisive on this issue? Well, stop wasting time and click your mouse right now!