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School Of Software 2015 Meet and Greet Ceremony for New International Students

Views:744 Time:1/26/2018 10:29:36 AM

In order to facilitate greater understanding between new international students and their supervisors, help international students integrate more quickly into their new family, School of Software, and encourage them to more diligently to pursue their studies. 

School of Software held its 2015 Meet and Greet Ceremony for New International Students and the faculty on October 13, 2015. 

Dean Chen Zhigang, Vice Dean Zhao Ming, Associate Dean Shi Leihong, Software Engineering Department Chair Liao Zhifang, Oversea Students Officer Yi Xi, some supervisors and officers attended the meeting. Vice Dean Zhao presided over the meeting.

Associate Dean Zhao started by giving a heartfelt welcome, expressing his hope that the new international students will feel at home at School of Software and then he introduced the faculty. Dean Chen then gave an overview of the School’s history, its organizational structure, and the accomplishments of its faculty. He also unveiled an independent laboratory constructed for international students, giving them the opportunity to do more specialized research. At the same time, international students can conduct research with their Chinese peers to strengthen their team spirit.

Afterwards, Associate Dean Shi Leihong outlined the rules and regulations students must follow with primary responsibilities for international students. Associate Dean Shi shall pay attention to what they say and how they behave and emphasized that every international student must both strictly adhere to Central South University’s policies and do their best to demonstrate the School of Software’s learning spirit. 

Finally, Department Chair Liao introduced the coursework that students will have to undertake and presented students with a three-step strategy: manage time well, effectively complete research reports, and successfully graduate.

After the meeting, the students and their supervisors mingled with one another. Through this Meet and Greet Ceremony, new international students walked away with a better understanding of the School’s graduate education, and will strive to maintain a diligent attitude going forward in order to pass all the requirements for graduation.

Two SICAS students  are among  the new international students ( picture on the left).  Curious about who are they? Wanna find them in the picture? The answer hides in the essays below that represent their feelings, read it and find it!

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