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Study MBBS Program at Nankai University with SICAS Scholarship

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We just got another mail from the Admission Office of Nankai University. Students who apply for MBBS of Nankai University through SICAS will have a scholarship of RMB 13,500/year: 

Our MBBS Program:

Tuition is 64,000RMB/year however you can give them a scholarship of 13,500RMB per year and the discounted price is 50,500RMB a year.

As I mentioned previously student can apply for March start and do 1 semester of Chinese Language (if they are late submitting documents they are able to arrive 1-2 weeks later this is not a problem, there is also the September start.

I have attached the MBBS course flyer for more information (this is for Sept start).

Academic achievement: BBB in maths, biology and physics at A-Level or equivelent.
IELTS 6.0 or above

Student must be 18 years or above

Application checklist:
Application form (see attached)
Passport copy
Digital copy of passport photo
High School Certificate and transcripts (if the student is awaiting final results, please send us the predicted grades or previous year's results.  We can issue them a conditional offer)

IELTS certificate (if the student has taken an alternative test please send it over, we can assess to see if Nankai accept it)

Admission Office, Nankai University

February, 9th, 2015

You may click the courses directly and apply:

Items Duration  Tuition fee
MBBS (September Intake)
6 years 64,000/year
MBBS (March Intake)
6.5 years 64,000/year

International students who apply for MBBS programs of Nankai University through SICAS will have a scholarship of RMB 13,500/year. So the discounted tuition fee is RMB 50,500/year.

International students who apply for March start will do 1 semester of Chinese Language for free. If you are late submitting documents, you can arrive 1-2 weeks later.


Study six-year MBBS in China at Nankai University. The course aims to meet the high demand for qualified doctors by offering a combined Bachelor’s and medical degree programme for those with A-level or equivalent qualifications wishing to progress directly to medical training. Gain experience in the Clinical Skills and Simulation Training Centre and clinical placement at a leading Grade 3 Level A teaching hospital in Tianjin, China.

Why Nankai University?

• International education from one of China’s most prestigious universities.
• Nankai University is a recognized medical school and listed in the WHO AVICENNA database
• Ranked 11th overall in China.
• Member of 985 and 211 groups of universities.
• Develop Chinese language skills as part of your course.