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Welcome to Study Chinese Language at Liaoning Normal University

Views:994 Time:2/8/2014 12:00:00 AM

Liaoning Normal University, one of the Ministry of Education base for the Chinese Language Studying Center, officially joins SICAS to accept international students all over the world.

Situated in Dalian, one of China’s most beautiful seaside cities, Liaoning Normal University is an important base that provides qualified teachers for basic education and trains other personnel needed for building a modern society. Its College of International Education, established in 1985, is confirmed by The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council to be one of 22 Chinese education bases in China, and also is Dalian’s Chinese Test of Proficiency (HSK) testing center

The college today has a specialized course on Chinese language at the undergraduate level (divided into Chinese and culture course and business Chinese) and at the same time enrolls students of education, psychology, Chinese literature, law, physical education, history, tourism, art, in total 65 fields of study at the undergraduate level, 97 at the master level and 13 at the doctoral level. 

The college has already formed a system of education of foreign students that is more specialized, with more disciplines and a greater level of success. Besides, the college offers various after-school activities and from time to time organizes activities for students to practice Chinese or go sightseeing, encouraging students to, while learning the language, better understand the condition of China, its history and culture.