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Nanjing University (NJU) Has Offically Opened for Online Application on SICAS

Views:952 Time:9/16/2013 3:20:26 PM

Nanjing University has been officially approved by SICAS to put 120 programs online for registration!

Located in Nanjing – one of China's most famous historical cities and the capital of six different dynasties – Nanjing University is one of the top five research universities in China. The school excels at literature and natural sciences, and attracts over 1200 international students each year.

With a hundred years of history, Nanjing University is a key comprehensive university under the direct supervision of the MOE of China. NJU has cultivated a great number of prominent scholars and scientists, including Mao Yisheng, Ma Yinchu, Li Shutong, etc. Various courses taught in English are offered here, such as Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Coastal Oceanography and Marine Geology. Many NJU graduates have demonstrated their cutting-edge competitiveness in various areas at home or abroad. It is a wise choice for you to pursue higher education here. SICAS would rank the University five stars.

Here is some English-taught Programs in Nanjing University: Chinese Study (in English) for Master's Degree, English Language and Literature for Doctoral Degree.

Also, There are many other superb Chinese Programs in NJU.Want to study in China? Come to NJU!