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Special Care for International Students

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SICAS uphold students’right and need above all else.  

We are sure that information in Students will answer most of your questions. But if you cannot find the information you need, you can email to and our staff will answer all your questions in detail. 

Whether or not you are a current student in China or you are not yet in China, the best choice is to contact SICAS for further advice. This is because any local Edcuation Section, Chinese Embassy or the International Office at the college or university may not have enough time for you or related professional knowledge and resources to help you. To reach SICAS, You can telephone our service line +86-18866236112 or send an e-mail to service@sicas.

Carefully read the following advice and be well prepared to study in China.

Beware of certain websites

Beware of certain Education Agents

Beware of certain Visa Agents

Beware of certain websites

If you see the following words on some websites, you probably are being cheated:

  • Guaranteed enrollment!
  • No need to fill out an application form to enroll at a Chinese university!
  • You only need to complete one application form to apply for any Chinese university!

In Fact:

1. Chinese universities have strict admission requirements for international students and only the university has the right to decide whether to accept you or not. If you see a website which claims to ‘guarantee enrollment’, you are being cheated.

2. Each university, and even different programs offered at the same university, has a different application form. If you discover on a website that you can apply for more than one university by filling out the same application form, you are being cheated.

SICAS Tips: If you really want a guaranteed admission, please only use SICAS “Plus Service Package".  Only agencies of authority, resources and long-term experience are able to promise you guaranteed admission. SICAS has been helping international students to study in China for 10 years and has accumulated abundant resources and hands-on experience domestically and globally. That is why with SICAS “Plus Service Package", we are able to guarantee your admission. 


SICAS is the Only Platform officially authorized by 300 China's Top Governmental Universities & under Chinese Government & Ministry of Education (MOE)"Study In China" Project. Thus each China university has an official "SICAS Uni. Staff Account" on SICAS System. They use their Account to update the International Course Information to the public, and they check their applicants' documents and Application Forms and then issue the Admission Letter to the qualified applicants in their "SICAS Uni. Staff Account" officially in each Application Season.

When you fill in your Application Form on SICAS, our system will generate your JW202 forms and your resumes in different formats automatically as required by your applied universities . In this way, if you apply through SICAS, you do not have to do repetitive works and you can save yourself at least 30 working days. 

Beware of certain Education Agents

Chinese universities only charge their students for tuition fee, application fee and teaching materials fee. All those required fees are published clearly on the website of SICAS and universities. If certain agencies ask you for additional fees and tell you those are charged by your university (eg. program developent fee, management fee, facility-using fee, etc), you are 100% being lied to. If you are not sure whether you should trust the agency, email to to confirm.

If ceratin agents recommend Chinese universities to you, you should have a check before listening to their advice. 

  • Universities with very low tuition fee may not have the qualification to enroll international students. There are over 3000 higher education institutions in China, of which only about 600 have been approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to admit international students. Among those 600, only about 300 are qualified to offer English-taught programs. You can find all of them on SICAS. 
  • Certain majors/subjects must have secured the approval of MOE before they can admit international students, even if the university itself has already been approved to admit international students. For example, less than 40 universities offer MOE-approved English-taught MBBS programs. Furthermore, the program provided by the university also has to be approved by your own country. If your country does not recognize your diploma awarded by certain Chinese universities, the consequences can be very severe. If you want to study MBBS, check the following links to see the list of universities approved by MOE and your home country. 

- Indian Students

- Pakistani Students

- Bangladesh Students

- South African Students

- Saudi Arabian Students

- Jordan Students

- Sri Lanka Students

- Iraqi Students

  • Chinese universities generally do not approve applications from international students to transfer. Unless your present university has signed a Matriculation Agreement with a Chinese university, Chinese universities usually do not accept transfer students. Furthermore, if you study in China for a period of time and really want to transfer, you can contact SICAS ( for advice and help, or the chances of success are slim (especially for students studying MBBS). 
  • Personation is not uncommon. Some counterfeit agents may pretend to represent SICAS and charge you for service. They may have SICAS banner in their office or wear T-shirt with SICAS logo. Please check the payment details of SICAS before you make any payment. If the bank/account information given by the agents is not listed on SICAS website, no matter how much they look like SICAS representative, you are being cheated! 


Beware of certain Visa Agents

When you apply for a Chinese visa, you will have to pay a fixed administration fee (non-refundable) to the Chinese embassy. Be extremely cautious if someone tells you that they can get you a visa via underground channels and charge a large sum of money from you. They may able to get a visa for you in the end, but the risk tend to very high. Note the following:

The Chinese embassy approves student visas in strict accordance with the relevant regulations and on the basis of the credentials of each visa applicant, including whether or not you are a real student, and whether or not your application materials are complete and accurate. If the visa requirements are not met, it is impossible to obtain a visa via underground channels. Additionally, Chinese embassy is authorised to reject visa application without any reason. 

In other words, your visa application will only be approved providing you come to China for study purposes and not harboring intentions of working or staying illegally, and providing your application materials are complete and submitted in time.

You must hold the correct visa to enter China. Only students from North America, South America, Europe, East Asia and South East Asia can change their visa type after landing in China. Under normal circumstances, it is very difficult for students from other regions to change their visa, for example to change an L visa to a student (X) visa.

SICAS Tips: If you have any inquiry and diffifulties of applying for Chinese Visa, contact SICAS ( and join SICAS Online Visa Application Training which can secure your success in visa application.