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Peking Univerisity Officially Opens for Online Application on SICAS

Views:701 Time:7/24/2013 5:40:43 PM

Peking University has been officially approved by SICAS to put over 120 programs (including 11 English-taught courses) online for registration!

Founded in 1898, Peking University was originally known as the Imperial University of Peking. It was the first national university covering comprehensive disciplines in China, and has been a leading institution of higher education in China since its establishment. It also served as the highest administration for education at the beginning of its founding. 

Peking University now consists of 31 colleges and 14 departments, offering 101 undergraduate programs, 224 postgraduate programs, and 202 doctoral programs. International students who Study in Peking University will enjoy a high-quality study. And so far, there are 5000 international students from about 80 countries studying in Peking University.They are provided by many English-taught programs, including several double degree programs and programs run in cooperation with major universities around the world. 

On Master Degree, you can find English-taught program like IMBA, Law, International Relation, IPHD and so on. 

As for Doctoral Degree, you can study IPHD, Biomedical Engineering and Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System Invigation Guidance and Control

Also, over 80 high-quality Chinese-taught programs are also available and wait for your application.