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Welcome to Jiangsu University on SICAS

Views:841 Time:11/22/2011 12:00:00 AM

Situated in Zhenjiang--a dynamic and beautiful city shaped by over 3,000 years of myths, legends and profound history, Jiangsu University is a comprehensive teaching & research-type university characteristic of engineering. UJS English-taught programs, for instance, MBBS (bachelor of medicine or surgery), have officially joined SICAS and welcomed International students to register online!

UJS is one of the key universities in China and is among the first batch of colleges and universities that are authorized to confer doctor degrees, master degrees and engineering master degrees. UJS ranks among the top hundred universities in China in terms of comprehensive school-running ability.  

English-taught bachelor's degree programs are diversified. A specialty is the previously-mentioned MBBS (bachelor of medicine or surgery) which is cost-effective. The annual tuition is RMB 22,000. Accommodation fee will be RMB 6,000 (only accept yearly pay). Additionally, with the insurance and other expenses, the total fee for studying MBBS in UJS is only RMB 27,900 per year. Other than that, 16 other bachelor's degree programs in the medium of English such as business administration, civil engineering and so on are available as well.

There're 36 English-instructed master's degree programs, chemistry, clinical medicine, just to name a few. What a great many other universities are not equipped with is the English-taught doctoral program. However, here in UJS is providing 28, for example, environmental engineering. As for Chinese-taught programs, you can choose non-degree programs to learn Chinese language, acupuncture, calligraphy etc. Degree programs are not mono in type, such as accounting (bachelor's degree), physiology (master's degree), food science (doctoral degree) and so forth. 

MBBS (bachelor's degree in the medium of English) along with other programs taught in English/ Chinese are waiting for you!