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Welcome to Communication University of China on SICAS

Views:913 Time:2/29/2012 12:00:00 AM

Located in Beijing, the political, educational, and cultural center of China, Communication University of China, the highest learning institute of communication in China, has officially joined SICAS and opened for International students to apply for online!

CUC is a multidisciplinary university, which mainly focuses on news, art of film and TV programs, information and science technology. And with the combination of literature, engineering, managing, science,
economics, law and education, the university has established a harmonious discipline system. CUC has established exchange and communication relationships with more than 200 renowned foreign universities and scientific research organizations of media. In addition, CUC is one of the teaching units of Media and Women of the UNESCO, and the host of some International academic institutions like Asian Media Research Center and European Media Research Center.

All CUC programs are instructed in the experienced and highly-qualified faculty. CUC teachers are granted Foreign Chinese Teaching Qualification Certificate by National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language; some of them have National Mandarin Level Examiner Certificate. Some teachers graduated from the Department of Announcing and Hosting Arts of the CUC; therefore they are specialized in Chinese pronunciation and have a special way of teaching Chinese as a second language. Besides, many of CUC teachers were announcers or hosts in radio and TV stations and also have rich experiences in teaching Chinese Pronunciation and Chinese Linguistics. Consequently, they have accumulated a rich store of successful experiences and found out a number of effective methods in teaching Chinese as foreign language, especially in pronunciation correction. This way, CUC has the advantage of targeting chronic areas of problems and strengthening standard pronunciation.

Non-degree programs include: intensive Chinese language program and summer course. Thirty-eight bachelor's degree programs are available, among which bachelor of Chinese language, journalism, public relations and communications in Chinese major are key programs. There're 11 master's degree programs, such as International relations, advertising, journalism etc. and 9 doctoral degree programs, such as film studies, radio and television art and so on.

Want to learn pure Chinese language, especially pronunciation? Welcome to CUC!