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Geography and Climate

Baoding is a prefecture-level city in Hebei province, not far from the nation-capital, Beijing. The city is situated on flat plains, to the east of Taihang Mountain. Located in the temperate zone, Baoding has a typical monsoonal climate with distinct four seasons. The annual average temperature is about 12 centi-degrees and the mean precipitation is 550 mm; summer and autumn is considered the best seasons for tourism.

The city has a population of around 11 million in its administrative area while the population in the city area is about 1 million. The administrative district of Baoding covers about 22,000 square kilometers.

Economy and Culture

Since the re-emerge of the new Baoding in 1994 by enlarging its administrative area, the city has all along been a major part in the famed Bohai economic sphere. Boding possesses a favorable industrial foundation and has formed an industrial system in complete range. The main industries in Baoding include automobile manufacturing, new energy, textile industry and electromechanical etc. One of the largest employers in Baoding is the Lucky Film Group, the largest photosensitive materials and magnetic recording media manufacturer in China which enjoy a market share of more than 30 percent, number one in China. Zhonghang Group is the bellwether in the wind power industry in China while its products account for more than 45 percent of the nation’s market.

As Hebei is home to a high proportion of Chinese Catholics, Boding likewise reflects this demographic trend. The city is also the birth place of the Laodiao opera, a traditional Chinese opera and it is famous for its food culture. The dishes in Baoding are known as one of the main sources of the famous Jin Cuisine and one of the typical foods in Baoding is the baked wheat cake stuffed with minced donkey meat.


Located only 140 km south of Beijing, it is nearly halfway between Beijing and Shijiazhuang. The position has made Baoding an important transportation hub. The Jingshi Expressway connects Baoding to the nation’s capital while it’s also the western terminus of the Baojin Expressway linking Baoding with Tianjin. The city is also an important trans-station on the route of the famed Jingguang railway. In addition, Baoding’s internal public transport system is also well- built. To learn more, Baoding is one the first ten cities building the 3G networks.


Hebei University is the most famous educational institute located in Baoding. It is a comprehensive university with a full range of programs and coursework of different degrees.