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Geography and Climate

Wuxi is a prefecture-level city located in southern Jiangsu province, southeastern China. It lies on the Yangtze Delta Plain and borders Taihu Lake to its south, Yangtze River to its north, and Suzhou, the famed historical city, to its east. The city has attained the title of ‘Pearl of Lake Tai’ and ‘little Shanghai’ because of its location advantage as well as its fast urbanization and booming economy. Located in the northern sub-tropical area, the city has a moderate and humid climate with distinct seasons and abundance of rainfall. The annual average temperature is 15.5 centi-degrees with the mean precipitation of 1100 millimeters.


According to the data presented by the national bureau of statistics, in 2009, the GDP of Wuxi reached RMB 499 billion, increased 11.2% compared to that of 2008; the GDP per capita was around RMB 81,151(ranked No.2 in Jiangsu province only after Suzhou) while the financial income accounted for 41.5 billion RMB.

Known as the international manufacturing base, Wuxi is a national reputed business center and was granted as the optimum commercial city by Fobes. The main industries in Wuxi include textiles, bio-industry, electric motor manufacturing and MRP software development, and most recently there is a movement toward the development of new energy industry, solar energy and wind power in this case. Since the nation’s open up in 1978, Wuxi has been exposed to the foreign investment and the location advantage and policy support had made the city an ideal destination of foreign capital. Nowadays, there are numerous multinational companies choose to base their subsidiaries in Wuxi. 


As one of the birth place of Wu Culture, Wuxi bears distinctive ‘Wu’ characteristics, which can be identify from its architecture, waterway transportation and various art types. The city is abundant of historical ruins like ancient celebrities’ former homes, Qing and Ming dynasty’s tombs, and old art schools in Song dynasty etc. The most renowned tourist attraction in Wuxi is the Beauty Spot of Taihu Lake. Tourists can view the natural beauty of lakes and mountains combined with exquisite ancient architectures while relaxing themselves by sitting on the bank and sipping a cup of tea in a tea house.
Wuxi bureau has possessed a stress on developing tourism industry, and thus has made great improvement to its basic facilities and tourist function. The convenient public transportation system together with numerous star-rated hotels has made Suzhou an attractive destination for tourists from all over the world.


Jiangnan University is the most renowned one in the region. It is a comprehensive university which offers a full range of undergraduate, graduate coursework and research programs, including PhD.