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Geography and Climate

Lanzhou is the capital city of Gansu province, the center of northwestern region of China as well as the heart zone of the province’s politic, economy and culture. The city is embraced by mountains to its south and north while the Yellow River flows through the urban district from west to east. Located on the upper streams of Yellow River, Lanzhou has a temperate continental climate with 9.3 centi-degrees of annual average temperature and 360 millimeters of precipitation. The total population is 3,142,500 and the urban district covers approximately 13,085.6 square kilometers.

After more than 20 years of development, today’s Lanzhou has an industrial system which is complete in range; among which petrochemical, machinery, metallurgical industry are the backbone industries of local economy. Besides heavy industries, the tourism industry has gradually developed a “four areas, two streets, six lines” development pattern.

Special Products

Lanzhou is a pearl on the upper reaches of the Yellow River, the dry continental climate and long period of sunshine makes the city a world-wide famed fruits city. The Yellow River in Lanzhou not only raises the people, but also brings rich special products, Lanzhou lilies, rose attar, black melon seeds, hookah etc.


Lanzhou is one of the national science facilities and there are many top universities base in this region. The Lanzhou University established in 1909 is the most famous comprehensive university in the city. Today Lanzhou University offers a wide range of traditional and specialized subject interests. Other universities like Northwest Normal University and Northwest University for Nationalities are enjoy top reputation across the nation.